Edit is a super fast scratchpad for your thoughts, drafts, and notes. Think of it as a single sheet of paper, not a notebook. There's no document storage, because whatever you leave in Edit will be there when you get back. Once you're done writing, you can send or save your text to anywhere in iOS via the Share Sheet.

What's in the box?

* One page
Return instantly to what you were writing.

* One-touch select all
Effortlessly clear the page to start fresh.

* Export
Send your text to anywhere in iOS.

* Word and character count
Know how much you've written.

I've intentionally kept Edit simple so it stays fast and easy to maintain. The other benefit of this simplicity is that Edit should continue to run without issue on iOS devices for years to come. Because of that, I'm slapping a 10-year good faith guarantee on Edit's general availability. Should there come a time over the next decade where I'm unable to update Edit to run on the latest version of iOS, I'll open source the code for anyone to download and run themselves.

Happy writing,

K.Q. @Dreger


Version 2020.04.01

• Fixes iPadOS crash

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1 betyg

Kidrow ,

Brilliant & lightning fast

Keeps my Notes app free from hundreds of scrappy temporary notes and dictated messages.

Update after a year of heavy use: LOVE IT


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