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Do you get anxious just thinking about flying? Millions of people feel the same way. But there's no need to suffer any longer. We have the perfect solution for you.

You can overcome your fear of flying and have a calm and relaxing flight after going through our entire course. It's easy and it works. Thousands of people have already benefited from our app.

Download our app now and start overcoming your fear of flying today!

Fear of flying affects one in four travelers, causing them to feel stressed and anxious, triggering panic attacks, and in some cases, preventing them from flying at all. This problem among travelers is so widespread that it has even received its own name: aviophobia or aerophobia.

Fear of flying can be caused by several factors, including claustrophobia, fear of heights, fear of crashing, and fear of the unknown. Many fearful flyers feel irrational anxiety that their plane will go out of control and crash, no matter how many times you tell them how traveling by plane is the safest. Other travelers worry about terrorist hijackings or panic due to the fact they don't have any control of the plane.

No matter why you're scared of flying, there are certain steps you can take to help alleviate your fears. For those who really want to get past this anxiety and don't allow fear to dominate their lives, we came up with this comprehensive course, which includes meditations (hypnosis), affirmations, and gradually exposing them to the fear factor in a safe environment.

What we want to accomplish in this well-documented course is to take you on a journey in order to discover what is causing this fear of flying, understand it and release it. But that is not as simple as it sounds, but our guide is inspired from reality as we were in your position and after we have freed ourselves from this fear & anxiety. We were able to blueprint the stuff we did in order to become fearless flyers.

Our "Flying fear-free" app will :

* guide you in your journey to find the cause of the fear; find the triggers of the cause

* give you the knowledge you need to understand the entire picture of your anxiety

* expose you to the feared triggers.

* provide targeted meditations on aviophobia.

* give you affirmations in a relaxed meditation background which will help you overcome your flight anxiety. In addition, the calmness of our meditation will help you change the negative thinking about flying and aviation in general.

* Provide the best affirmations in order to overcome one of the most known fears of a traveler: turbulence of the plane. Using meditation, you will be able to simulate in-flight turbulence, and it will help you manage your response with calm, understanding that these kinds of situations are standard in the air.

* show you tips & tricks to release the negative emotions associated with flying.

* help you face the fear and not distract yourself.

As we all know, the mother of anxiety is ignorance. In order to alleviate your stress, the first step is to understand exactly how the plane works. We have this covered in the meet the plane section.

Please note that the course will be updated regularly. So even if you have purchased and finished all sections, make sure to check back regularly for updates.

We would love to hear your story. That's why we are able to help you live on Skype. Please don't hesitate to contact us after you have created your account. Any suggestions on future updates are welcome!

Happy traveling and fly safe!


Version 2.1

We have added new meditations to our collection so you can get rid of flight anxiety.


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