Gallery Grabber QED is for downloading photos and image files from web based picture galleries to your hard-drive.

> To find out in more detail which websites Gallery Grabber QED 2 works with and which ones it doesn’t please visit the developer’s website.

Drag a gallery page link from your browser to Gallery Grabber’s main interface to download gallery images. There is a built in app extension for Safari for even easier, one-click grabbing.

Gallery Grabber QED was designed to download from the majority of galleries with little or no user intervention. It can automatically determine the type of web gallery that has been dropped, extracting only the gallery images themselves - leaving banners, thumbnails and page design behind.

Gallery Grabber understands three fundamental types of web gallery:

• Gallery Page - a single webpage with large gallery images embedded within the page.

• Thumbnail Picture Gallery - a single webpage with small to medium thumbnail images which lead to larger gallery images.

• Thumbnail Page Gallery - a webpage with small to medium thumbnail images which lead to other webpages with embedded gallery images.

In addition to this, Gallery Grabber QED 2 has special built in knowledge for a number of specific websites featuring galleries.

Gallery Grabber QED 2 does not support frame pages, some password protected sites and sites that prevent image downloading with Flash and other methods. If most of your downloads are from galleries such as these, you might want to consider using an alternative application such as a spider or a bot. Although these may not be as easy or straight forward to use, they should give you the extra features you require to get at these more stubborn galleries.

See the developer’s website for more information on which websites are covered and which ones are not.

What’s New

Version 2.0

Gallery Grabber QED 2 is finally here! Completely re-written from the ground-up using modern technologies.

* New, modern interface redesigned for macOS Sierra and above with support for Dark Mode on Mojave.

* Re-written in Swift 4.2 using modern technologies and frameworks.

* Optimized for 64 bit compatibility for current and future Macs.

* Sandbox compliant.

* Added special support for DeviantArt, Flickr, imgur and PBase and other galleries.

* Built in Safari App Extension for one-click downloading.

* Advanced automation - no longer requires the user to select gallery “type” for problem galleries.

* Toolbar button for quick access to downloaded images.

* Toolbar button to allow the main window to be pinned above other windows for easier drag and drop.

* Integrated link editor for advanced users.

* Up to 4 x faster than version 1.


David Kennedy
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