Are you having problems waking up?
Would you like to stay in bed a little longer before going to work or school?
Now you can choose how you wake up by knowing the time without having to open your eyes.

Here is an app that tells you the current time before waking you up.

It can tell you the time:

* For a set period (let's say 30 minutes before the alarm goes off)
* With an established frequency (for instance, every 5 minutes)
* Then it will wake you up using one of 6 different alarm sounds
* If you snooze it, it will still tell the time and try waking you up again

It works completely in the background:

* Even if you close it, I'll still work properly
* You can restart your device and the app won’t stop telling you the time and going off
* I won't drain your battery at all - notifications are managed by the system

You just need to remember:

* Disable silent mode (use the switch over the volume buttons)
* The app uses the system volume settings: Settings -> Sounds and Haptics - Rings and Alerts

And there is even more:

* 6 different color modes, depending on the time of the day
* Nice wild animals animations
* Full voice-over support for visually impaired users

11 fully supported languages: English US (male or female), English UK (female), English AU (male), French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Polish and Spanish.

Download Gentle Talking Alarm Clock and discover a better way to start your day.


Version 1.0.1

sound preview button fix


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