Hoofstep Horse Well-being 4+

Per-Eric Olsson

Designad för iPad

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HoofStep is a monitoring app where you can follow your horse in real-time around the clock through an AI model that identifies the horse's behavior. The app shows both where the horse is and statistics on, among other things, stress level, energy consumption and distance.

Get immediate alarms!
If the horse’s behavior differs from normal, an alarm is sent directly to your mobile so you can quickly take action.

Get to know your horse!
In HoofStep’s app, you design the entire farm according to the horse. A sensor placed on the horse's forehead measures the behaviors. The app provides you with important information about your horse’s daily routine. For example; activity, proportion of eating and resting during the day and back in time. And much more.

Main features:
Design your farm
Register your horse
Watch your horse’s movement
Study your horse’s statistics
Get instant alarms
Add friends to your farm
Chat with your friends in the app

Get HoofStep and more information at hoofstep.com


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