Hue Lights offers full feature support for all of your smart lighting needs: Precise control, multi-room scenes, schedules, sequences, dynamic lighting, and special effects. Create advanced configurations for your Hue motion sensor, Hue dimmer switch or Hue Tap. Check out our sample videos and FAQ at

Teach your lights new tricks with Hue Lights! Completely customize each button on your Hue dimmer switch or Hue Tap. Control 8 scenes from a single Hue dimmer switch, change brightness speeds, or select groups based on duration of button press. Hue Lights leverages the latest firmware to store scene details directly on the bridge. You can view and edit shared scenes from any device on your network. The UI offers improved visual feedback and easier on/off/brightness controls directly from the home screen.

Try the sequences feature to see amazing possibilities at your fingertips. Use your Apple Watch to activate scenes, adjust group brightness and trigger alerts. Escape to the beach with soothing ocean, lake, or creek sounds while your lights gently change and dim (Water In-App purchase). Experience amazing thunderstorms (In-App purchase) with customized controls for lightning strikes, rain density, bird songs, wind speed, sleep timer, brightness and sky color! Simulate realistic fires (In-App purchase) with dedicated controls for fire type, fire size, flare-ups and brightness.

If you have any problems with previous In-App purchases, tap "Restore." Please see the comprehensive FAQ and documentation at for App help. The free version allows control of lights 1 and 2. In-App purchases can unlock all lights and special effects.

Hue Lights brings you fast widget support, shared scenes and groups, comprehensive scheduling, sequences and powerful light controls. Create multiple "On" and "Off" schedules per scene. Tap a row to select a light, group, or scene. Use quick controls at the bottom of the screen. Long press a row for quick actions (on, choose color, edit, off).

Save scenes from any third-party app and use Hue Lights to activate these on your Apple Watch or widget. Dynamically animate or schedule any scene from third-party apps.

All screens are optimized for your favorite iOS devices in portrait and landscape mode.

Hue Lights works well with any third-party app that saves scenes or schedules on the bridge. Do you have a favorite scene from another app that you use frequently? With Hue Lights you can turn this scene on or off with one tap! Hue Lights will show every schedule saved on your bridge from any app and give you the option to disable or remove unwanted schedules.

- Remote control
- Hue motion sensor support
- Hue dimmer switch/Hue Tap support
- Sunrise/sunset actions
- View/edit scenes and schedules on bridge
- View/delete rules and sensors
- See exact watts used on supported lights
- 3D Touch on app icon
- TouchLink for finding lost bulbs
- Sequences
- Apple Watch support
- Fast Widget for scene and group activation
- Alerts and brightness changes from Widget
- Apply 11 dynamic animations to any scene
- Apply scene themes to any group
- Supports multiple ZigBee lights including GE Link
- Multiple On+Off bridge schedules per scene
- Tap bulb image to apply a favorite color
- Localized VoiceOver support
- Heuristics for working around common errors
- Create transition times up to 90 minutes
- Designed to work well with 50+ light deployments

Experience multi-track, synchronized and visually appealing light animations and sequences.

Requires "Hue Personal Wireless Lighting Starter Set" to operate.

"Hue Personal Wireless Lighting" is a trademark owned by Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., see for more information. LapApps, LLC is in no way affiliated with the Philips organization.

Follow @HueLights on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest news and updates. See for more documentation and supported hardware.


Version 3.8

Experience amazing configuration options for your smart lights with Hue Lights v3.8! Create multiple time intervals for your Hue Smart button. Each time interval can control separate groups and scenes. Activate distinct lights using short-release and long-release actions. Tap once to change your lights to any color. Tap a second time to turn your lights off. The rules created on the Philips Hue bridge are optimized for storage and speed. Add a huge number of Hue Smart buttons to your Philips Hue bridge without running out of rule space.

Schedule individual lights. You can also schedule groups and scenes. When scheduling individual lights you can choose any favorite color, on/off action, fade time (instant to 90 minutes), and brightess level. If you saved scenes on your Philips Hue bridge from any source, you can use the Hue Lights app to schedule these scenes.

Control individual lights from your Apple Watch. You can now control scenes, groups and lights from the Apple Watch. Quickly tap a favorite color on your Apple Watch to change an individual light. This control option is faster than using a voice assistant.

New features:
• Create arbitrary time intervals for the Hue Smart button
• Schedule individual lights
• Control individual lights from Apple Watch
• Larger buttons on Apple Watch
• Improved visual feedback for On/Off buttons
• Lights can be added to bridge with serial numbers
• Updates for iOS 14.4
• Fixed issues when switching bridges
• Added support for new device types
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Please send suggestions, questions or feedback to the support contact at If you are stuck on a particular issue, please check our FAQ at for help.

Follow @HueLights on Twitter and like our Facebook page for the latest news and updates.

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3.4 av 5
10 betyg

10 betyg

Jugzolle ,

Very good

This is probably the best app out there to find the “perfect” colour on your bulbs.

Overall, the app is very competent on pretty much all “settings”. For your bridge, dimmers or touch link (e.g)

I don’t use it on a daily basis but when something “extra” needs to be done - the app has never let me down.

Keep up the good work!I

AndersHz ,


Very good support if trouble !

SebyKelly ,

Can't reconnect

App can't update new IP of Hue bridge. Despite forcing app to forget old IP and manually updating IP address. Weird.

Svar från utvecklaren ,

There is a new version of Hue Lights that works with all known Philips Hue bridges and firmware. This version also contains several enhancements.

Starting in Hue Lights v3.6 you can create multiple recurring schedules for both scenes and groups. Tap Settings → Schedules → + to create a new recurring schedule. Any scene or group that is stored on your bridge can be used regardless of its source. You can even schedule alerts that blink your lights red, blue or 16 million other colors. To make your lights blink for 15 seconds set the Effect to Medium Blink.

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Experience thunderstorms with your lights!
30,00 kr
Richer Colors and Scenes
Unlock 100+ new colors and 10 custom scenes.
20,00 kr
Create ocean, lake and creek effects
20,00 kr
Unlock 48 Lights
Unlock all lights on your Philips Hue bridge
55,00 kr
Perfect Sunrise
Wake up peacefully with the perfect sunrise!
20,00 kr
Create a warm fire ambiance
20,00 kr


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