iAM makes your online presence easier and much safer. Use it to build and maintain your online reputation with smart features.

1. Skip multiple steps when registering with online services, quickly log into sites and apps and authorize every activity online.
2. No need to keep track of passwords or install password managers once you’ve created your ID with iAM.
3. Be safe and stay private - with iAM, you always know what information you share and with whom.


- Privately and securely identify yourself to sites and apps
- Sign up, register for, and log in to accounts in one, uninterrupted flow with Face ID and PIN codes
- Access online services where you normally need to show your physical ID
- Authorize payments and money transfers
- Protect your identity from theft and fraud
- Discard passwords, OTP’s, and hardware tokens
- Benefit from ultra-secure encryption


- Create your unique digital ID with just a few simple steps
- Use fingerprint and face recognition to cryptographically safeguard your online presence
- Reuse your identity to register and login into accounts securely and effortlessly
- Use convenient QR code login for safe and secure access to sites and apps
- Easy one-tap authentication to accept or deny transactions

For businesses:

Besides creating digital identities, iAM is also a multi-factor authentication (MFA) platform that allows other applications and web services to make transactions and logins more secure. Your users receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication, making customer enrolment faster and brand building easier for businesses.

- Meet requirements for protecting customer data as well as privacy - stay compliant with PSD2, GDPR, AML, and KYC legislations
- Versatile industry applications - integrates easily
- Protect your company’s integrity and reputation by staying clear of all types of online attacks
- Flexible business applications - customize towards your specific business demands
- Faster customer enrolment - clean interface with an intuitive, frustration-free authentication flow


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