What if your alarm clock set time would change depending on the weather? On those rainy days, you may need a little bit more of sleep.

RiseAndShine lets you specify weather conditions for your alarm. If the conditions are met, the alarm fires on the set time. If not, the alarm is weather snoozed. The weather snooze period is customizable from 1 min - 24 hours and if the weather forecast should change during this period so that it matches the selected conditions, RiseAndShine will wake you up. If not, the alarm will go off at the end of the weather snooze period. The current status of the alarm and the most recent forecast for the alarm time is always visible in a status bar at the bottom of the screen.

RiseAndShine updates the weather forecast in the background during the night even if the phone is locked and should you travel to another location after setting the alarm, the forecast for your new location will be automatically downloaded and the alarm status updated. Since RiseAndShine uses notifications to sound the alarm there is no need to keep the app in the foreground. Just set the alarm, close the app and you're done.

Because the weather conditions are customizable with respects to weather type, temperature and wind speed, RiseAndShine is suitable for surfers, skiers, snowboarders, golfers, hikers or anybody that practices a weather-dependent activity.

* Customizable weather conditions (type, temperature, wind)
* Weather snooze (1 min - 24 hours) if conditions do not match
* Forecasts update in the background
* Status bar shows current state of the alarm
* No need to keep the app in the foreground
* Snooze function
* Six different alarm sounds
* Supports metric and imperial units
* Uses forecasts from yr.no that work world-wide
* In-app tutorial to get you started

* Background update of forecasts and location updates requires a working internet connection.
* Sound must be on at the time of the alarm.
* While "Do not Disturb"-mode can be active during the night, it must be off at the time of the alarm.
* Weather forecasts are always approximate!


Version 1.1.3

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

Fixes a bug where weather does not update correctly. Also fixes celsius/fahrenheit issues.


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