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Version 13.2.2

“What would you say…you do here?” While Tom struggled to explain his Initech role, it’s now easier to browse Richard Riehle’s 418 title filmography page. Simply click the one-tap credit filters – such as Actor or Producer – to seamlessly view titles by a person’s role, although you might not find “People Skills.” Hope you enjoy, and thanks for using IMDb!

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4,7 av 5
17,6 tn betyg

17,6 tn betyg

Mac.sand ,


I love imdb, best app ever <3333

FritzzzzzzzTheCat ,


It's a great app!
Knows all the answers to my questions about movies & actors!!!

Kangelane93 ,

Horrible update!!

The searchbar is no longer at the top (now having to first press the bottom button & then the searchbar at the top...) Have you even tested this feature yourself before releasing it?! Missing having all the menues at the top. Please take back the previous layout, this new one is horrible!! 😭🙈


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