Planting and watering your very own virtual plants has never been more fun! Choose between a selection of plants and set them on a real world surface using your camera! Scan a surface and tap to set one down, then aim your device and toss a seed at the pot. Don't forget to keep them fully watered if you want to see them grow! Earn PlantCoins and spend them on cool new features, like launching a rocket or upgrading your Bee Blaster. LittlePlant is an interactive and exciting experience like no other game out there and it's great for all ages so get started today and grow along for the ride!


Version 4.9

Minor bee fixes, and minor game design changes. Unlock coins more easily the higher your level is. I hope you enjoy LittlePlant, show your friends how you water and protect your plants! Invite them to grow along for the ride too.


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