Math Bakery Multiply/Divide is based on the same pedagogical principles as the other games in the award-winning Math Baker series.
It provides your child with:
• Better understanding which increases motivation.
Tasks are visualized through elegant attractive graphics showing an environment easily recognized by children. Dad the Baker demonstrates, using cookies on a baking tray, how to multiply and divide. The principle is used for example such computations as 5 x 6, 56/8 or √36. Suddenly math becomes real and intuitive.
• Help and Advice
Whenever it gets hard or goes wrong, help is available towards the correct answer. The child need never therefore feel failure – and will therefore succeed!
• Repetition
Whenever a task requires help, it is repeated immediately until the child is at last able to manage alone. A great way to absorb knowledge.
• Reward system
A kind reward system encourages practice, leading to ability: collect cookie jars and build a super gingerbread funfair.
• Play together
”The Duel” section allows a child to challenge a friend or adult by creating own math tasks. The Duel can even be played in teams and is useful whenever a teacher or parent wishes to demonstrate a particular idea.

+ Understand multiplication and division through visualization of the number system
+ Tutorials, explaining the methodology
+ Stepwise Help functions leading to correct answers
+ Repetition of troublesome tasks Multiplication by 11 and 12 with help functions
+ Squares and square roots
+ Summary screens showing progress and steps needing more attention
+ Creating own problems and competing with an adult or friend
+ Accumulate stars to build a gingerbread funfair
+ Sound and timer off-switches

• Math Bakery carries no adverts for third parties
• No in-app purchases
• A ’kind’ reward system
Math Bakery’s methodology has been developed and tested together with teachers, researchers and students in Swedish schools .

Winner of Academics´choice award Spring 2018:
"Math Bakery helps young children learn addition and subtraction skills in an entertaining manner. The graphics are colorful and unique."

"Math Bakery 1 – Start Counting is a wonderfully hands-on and manipulative app that will help preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders master basic addition and subtraction skills. It not only helps children practice simple problems, but it reinforces the underlying concepts such as making groups of ten while the children play."
5/5 - Best apps for kids

"With no in-app purchases, games that can be fitted into almost any time frame, and such elegant design, this app should find a place both at home and in the classroom."
5/5 - Educational appstore

"TWA was thrilled to see how fast-paced this game can be for those children farther along with their math facts and how easily it is to adapt to a slower speed for the child new or struggling with the concepts. The addition of a Duel feature is an ingenious bonus to engage kids in friendly competition."
- Teachers With Apps


Version 1.1

A few bug fixes/improvements.

Betyg och recensioner

4.8 av 5
6 betyg

6 betyg

Alma mamman ,


Very easy to use


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