MessagEase is an alternative, non-QWERTY keyboard for your iPhone and iPad.

Created based on years of scientific research in user interface, MessagEase is designed and optimized for use on a touchscreen device.

MessagEase is a patented, innovative design different from the antiquated QWERTY keyboard. If you believe that every keyboard must be QWERTY-like, then MessagEase is not what you are looking for.

But if you are open to new ideas and up for experiencing a completely new way of writing you will be pleasantly surprised at how well, how precisely, and how fast you can enter text with MessagEase. Our current champion’s speed is 87 WPM— that's 87 Words Per Minute! Most people don't type nearly that fast with ten fingers!

MessagEase essentially has 9 large keys with an optimized letter assignment to maximize your speed, increase your accuracy, and ease your writing. Since MessagEase is very different, you must spend a few minutes to get used to it. We have included several learning games to help you learn the new, innovative pattern of MessagEase—and you’ll save hours by texting and writing faster.

With MessagEase you enter letters and characters with either a tap, or a drag (slide): taps for the most common characters and directional drag for the rest. Please watch the video, or see the section Essential MessagEase, to learn more.

MessagEase's design is based on sound user-interface principles such as the Fitts' Law; it uses letter frequency and di-gram data to optimally place the characters on a keyboard with fewer, larger keys. That’s why the letter positions are non-QWERTY!

If you are interested to learn more about the scientific details behind the design of MessagEase, please see this paper:

We have lots of videos to help you become familiar with MessagEase quickly.

There are many more on our YouTube channel.

Please also note that you can change the keyboard size by dragging up or down on the Globe Button. You can also reshape and recolor the keyboard in various ways. See Settings for details.

MessagEase for iPhone & iPad has specific keyboards designed for the following languages: (These keyboards can also be used to enter text for many other languages)

- English
- Arabic
- Azerbaiani
- Danish
- Dutch
- Esperanto
- Finnish
- French
- German
- Greek
- Hebrew
- Hungarian
- Japanese Hiragana
- Japanese Katakana
- Italian
- Norwegian
- Polish
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Turkish
- Urdu

If you like MessagEase, please tell others about it, and please make sure to rate and comment about it on App Store.

Please email us if you encounter any issue.

Thank you!


Version 4.3.2

Bug fixes!

Betyg och recensioner

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4 betyg

4 betyg

samuelonthe third ,

Please bring apple watch app

It’s super cool and innovative but please come up with an apple watch version soon!

Dr Illdod ,

Very good, but

The idea is fantastic. I write more efficiently than ever with an Esperanto, a Russian, and a Swedish keyboard—and with those I can with ease write in more or less any Latin-based writing language. No, I have no English keyboard (what would be the need, I can write English with the Esperanto or Swedish keyboard), but still the keyboard in the menu of keyboards (I love languages and have several keyboards) identifies itself as … (English). Why? That is one minor but annoying bug. Anyway, it's simple to use, and I can easily write most characters I ever need—and I need many—by dint of the superb letter composition feature.

But, the bugs. All those bugs. It keeps crashing, even in the midst of writing suddenly another, "normal", keyboard appears and I have to change back to this one. It behaves crazy in many ways. And all those bugs from time to time make the keyboard a pain in the, well, you know. Apparently (as I as a software guy sees it), several bugs are in fact conflicts with the keyboard handling system of iOS.

And I sure look forward to the halfly promised updates with for example a keyboard for the watch and the possibility to customise the keyboard further.

Summary: Bugs make this a 3. Take care of those and make some nice useful updates real, and it will be a smashing 5.

Ngdonkaka ,

Äntligen ett vettigt alternativ

Det här har jag saknat i tio år sedan min Palm Vx gick ur tiden.
Textinmatning i iPhone blir plötsligt ett nöje med MessagEase installerat. Speciellt vi som skriver på svenska och inte har inte har den halvsmarta ordförslagsfunktionen som finns med engelskt bord tillgänglig kan efter lite övning få upp skrivhastigheten. En del finesser som egendefinitioner och autokorrigering är inte implementerade (än), men i övrigt är det alldeles utmärkt.


12.1 MB

Kräver iOS 10.3 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.



Åldersgräns 4+
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