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Mimi is designed from the ground up to enable super fast uploading of images from your device to your Micro.blog hosted blogs.

Use Mimi to upload a set of photos for making your blog post. Maybe a road trip, or a party, or memories of a special day.

* Select photos, tap the airplane icon and start the uploads.
* Choose the export format, Markdown, or HTML.
* Choose the image upload size. Small, Optimum, or Full.
* Easily switch between any of your blogs at any time.
* Use the share sheet to post with your favorite post editor, or the Micro.blog app.
* Access your recent uploads for reference and export.


Version 2022.2

Alt Text support is here!

You can now write alt text for any image in Recent Uploads. Tap on an image. Write the text. Hit Save. This is attached to the export snippet at the time of export.

- It supports both export options, Markdown and HTML.
- It can be filtered in the Recent Uploads with the filter button on the top right.
- Not familiar with Alt Text? The editor includes a short summary with links to more information.
- As part of this Recent Uploads has been redesigned to show every image in proper aspect ratio and with an indicator to show whether it has alt text attached.

- Fix for issue with image orientation being messed up when uploading in rare cases.
- Other bug fixes and UI improvements.

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5,0 av 5
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1 betyg


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