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Mysocial is the world’s first smart influencer manager, turning aspiring social media creators and artists into champions. No matter how many followers you have, Mysocial will provide you with a powerful toolbox to grow, manage and monetize your social media presence.

Now you may be wondering: What makes MySocial really stand out?

Simply put:

• Artificial Intelligence is still a thing, so are Matching Systems!

A powerful AI-powered influencers matching system that puts you in front of other media creators that can join forces with you to maximize your success! And yes, it also has a very adaptive algorithm that just keeps getting better and better in terms of results as you keep browsing through our +8800 influencers database!

• Sponsorships from the hello!

More than +3000 of high-end brands & sponsors are Mysocial away from you! Be it on Youtube, Instagram, SnapChat, or even Tiktok, we’ve got you covered! The best part is, we don’t charge you a penny, you will get 100% of your revenue right into your pocket, no questions asked!

• The first influencer mediakit there is!

Social media analytics is old-news! We’ve come up with an all-inclusive influencer’s mediakit that handles all of your Instagram, Youtube, SnapChat, and Tiktok analytics in one place, so you’re always on top of your social media presence! Furthermore, you can get a customized link to your mediakit that acts as a digital CV updating your social media analytics in real-time, no more old-school PDF reports that get outdated before you even know it!

• Marketers created Backlinks, We created SmartLinks!

You’ve probably heard of “Backlinks” at some point of your marketing journey, but have you ever come across “SmartLinks” that do the very same, boosting engagement, traffic, and obviously, REVENUE, but for mobile apps? Well, that’s MySocial’s new trend! We turn every click from every follower there is into REVENUE, and before you even ask, we do keep track of each and every one so you can have an eye on your analytics day after day, click after click!

• Deeplinks that keep your ads on wherever your followers are!

Our DeepLinks technology makes sure that whenever someone visits one of your Smartlinks that points at one of your social media platforms, be it Youtube, Instagram, SnapChat, or even TikTok, we’ll make sure your followers get wowed by your content from within the main apps that have both the ads on all the time, and your bank account increasing for forever!

• Youtube analytics reports on-the-go through TubeView.
Now that you have sponsors coming in hordes through Mysocial, they need to see RESULTS and what better way is there to showcase these results than a Youtube analytics report that has it all in-check? Here comes TubeView that provides an overview of all of your campaigns and videos within 30 seconds, perhaps even less!

Need we say more? Give our influencer marketing community a shot, and let us help you maximize your success with engagement, traffic, and revenue off-the-charts, sometimes up to +%800

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Version 5.3

- Launching our brand new reporting extension.
- Easily create beautiful social media reports for your YouTube, Instagram and TikTok channels.
- Share the reports with your sponsors and clients through a link.
- Save time when reporting on your sponsored content, it takes 15 seconds to create a report.

Additional Improvements:
- Better user onboarding flow.
- Bug fixes

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5,0 av 5
99 betyg

99 betyg

Kreatör från Stockholm ,


Really love smartlink

me1hundo ,


Still trying out but it seems really good so far

Creator on TikTok ,

Every influencer should have this

The tools on Mysocial can help you in different ways. Definetley worth a try.


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