sonicPlanet NEXT player offers the real experience of interactive 3D sonic augmented reality just by using your iPhone.

It creates augmented reality audio scenes by integrating virtual 3D sound sources by combining space, movement and sound in a totally inspiring and genuine structure. The Next player offers three distinctive sonic augmented reality playback modes;

- A one kind of music player : Taking you beyond a conventional stereo listening experience by transferring your position and orientation to a virtually presented music performance environment. For example, you have the possibility to approach the individual performing instruments by just dragging your position on the display. Or you can add an 3D acoustic skin of choice to the performing music.

- Realistic and reactive sound environments in real world : The Next player provides geo mapped musical works and sonic installations by embedding virtual sound objects on a real world scene defined with GPS coordinates. You can walk inside the virtually composed scene and investigate the virtual 3D sound sources. With the Next player, complex installations of virtual soundscapes can be designed and called back as the GeoMapped pieces instantly for many purposes (museum sites, city tours, guiding etc.).

- Remix Music with your Body : In the BeatMapping mode, the Next Player opens a new window to interactive musical apps. Imagine that you are remixing a beat music while walking, cycling or running in an area, with your body position, speed and orientation. Your existence becomes the main input to the remix material and the music augments the space within; the Next Player offers new medium for music listeners and composers; an embodiment of sound, space and movement.

The Next Player has been designed with an artistic spirit and creative holistic approach. Its distinctive 3D sound quality has been approved thanks to our collaborators and dedicated music professionals. Each creative idea and new content being added is improving and expanding the possibilities of this exciting tool.

******User instructions :

- An iPhone5S or higher model is necessary for running the Next Player.

- You can login either with your preferred user info or use the Facebook login easily. We don't store any data from your private FB account.

- For Geo Mapping and Beat Mapping tracks, you should be located in a GPS wise visible medium. The Next Player needs your GPS data to run its relevant frameworks.

- The detailed user instruction pages are embedded in the app.


SonicPlanet Audio Video Teknolojileri Anonim Sti.
42.3 MB

Kräver iOS 8.0 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.





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