Mobisma nextG Mobile UC client turns your smartphone as an Office Mobile Extension and an advanced Unified Communications & Collaboration productivity tool.

nextG provides presence and availability, rich contact directory, enterprise integrated telephony with Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), Mobile CTI, location tracking, multi-media enabled instant messaging, and much more…

nextG Mobile Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) Client allows a company’s mobile workforce to be nimble, productive and available – anytime, anywhere even when “out of office”. Mobisma nextG Mobile UC client is an easy to use smartphone application that works integrated with your office telephony platforms (IP-PBXs) via backend Mobile Communications Bridge (MCB) server.

To check if your company phone system is supported - please visit our website at www.mobisma.com/support.

Mobisma nextG mobile UC client provides a host of advanced Mobile UC functionalities such as:
• Presence and Availability: Check presence and availability of work colleagues – before contacting them, as well as set/change own presence & availability settings.
• Multi-Media enabled Instant Messaging: Use multi-media enabled rich IM to quickly collaborate with business associates reducing critical time in decision making with ability to share audio clips, video clips, pictures, as well as location.
• Location Awareness: Check location of field based business associates such as field sales & support staff, delivery drivers, lone workers, etc. The location is available both in text as well as on a detailed map.
• Qik Rules for Automation: Create Qik rules to set features based on:

Presence and Availability (e.g. automatically set to Busy when in a meeting)
Smartphone orientation & movement (e.g. Set to Do Not Disturb (DND) when phone is face down)
Network connected (e.g. set to “Available”, when using office Wi-Fi network)
Time based (e.g. set to “Lunch” from 12:00 to 13:00 during weekdays)
nextG Mobile UC application allows users to use their preferred mobile smartphone as an office telephone system extension allowing users to:

• Call office extensions directly. Just dial a 2-5 digit office extension number – or just click a colleague’s contact to initiate and make a call.
• Enable “Presence based Voicemail Greetings” so outside callers hear your presence and availability when they call.
• Need to Dial any Received and/or Missed Calls? Simply use the call logs to directly make calls.
• Make all business calls using your mobile smartphone, and route calls through office telephony system from anywhere.
• Want to dial a phone number using the office desk phone but the contact is in mobile phone? Just use the “Dial from Deskphone” feature.
• View desk phone status of colleagues before contacting them – such as: On Hook (Idle), Off Hook (Busy).
• Set and change all your call forwarding and Do Not Disturb (DND) settings.
• Check and listen to your Office Voicemail messages.
• Easily log-in / log-out of one or all of your Hunt Groups (also called ICD Groups).
• Easily join a conference call held in the office telephone system.
• Have a single “One-number” contact – and get your business calls on your desk phone as well as your smartphone – twinned.

For full telephony functionality, nextG mobile UC client requires connection to your company’s enterprise IP-PBX telephony system. Additional licenses or options may also be required. Please download this application ONLY if your company phone system administrator or IT administrator has asked you to do so. Alternatively – you can visit us at http://www.mobisma.com.

Support: If you are a phone system reseller and want to install, setup, or configure Mobisma nextG Mobile UC client, please register yourself as a Mobisma reseller at

Disclaimer: To identify a user’s location – both network (3G/Wi-Fi) and/or GPS can be used, however continued use of GPS can impact your smartphone’s battery performance.


Version 3.5.0



Mobisma AB
89.9 MB

Kräver iOS 9.1 eller senare. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad och iPod touch.

Den här appen kan använda din plats även när den inte är öppen, vilket kan minska batteritiden.


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