Have you ever set a goal or a dream that you weren't able to achieve? NoLimit-app – the best goal setting app and goal tracking app helps you find the time and road towards your goals in life, using proven quality management tools used for years in businesses mended to suit personal development. With this goal tracking app, you can become a better you.

NoLimit helps you do what the successful goal-setters do. Create specific and challenging goals and set relevant tasks and deadlines for when to achieve them. With NoLimit-app you can track your progress in 6 life areas and you will constantly have a full picture view of your goals and progress. 

NoLimit-app systemizes the goals and motivates the user to achieve their goals by:
* Presenting the user's goal and the current state.
* Providing easy and accessible tasks and milestones
* Keeping the user focused and on track
* Motivating the user with statistical feedback

We provide four additional tools:
* Time Management, what is your perfect week
* Your daily tasks, get the most important things done
* Interval timer, focus on your activities
* Stress reduction, several tests, and exercises.

All tools added are designed to motivate and support your journey "to become a better you".

Personal Quality Management - Concept

Methods that, with success, have been used by companies for decades are now available for you to use. In TQM – Total Quality Management – all actions are with customer satisfaction in focus. With PQM is your own life satisfaction in focus. PQM is a concept to define what is important to you and the best tools to get there.

The most important questions you have to answer are:
* What is important to you?
* Who defines your goals, is it you or people around you or do you feel that you have control?
* Do your goals fit your life?

The keystones of PQM:
* PQM is a process, you need to make a plan and the step by step work and improve. Real change does not happen overnight, it demands effort and time.
* PQM is a system to provide an overview of your whole life situation. When you see how one part of your life affects the other, your plans become better and the goals easier to reach.
* With PQM you can take decisions based on statistics instead of a feeling.
* PQM is a way to continuously improve performance at every life area using your resources in the best way.

Case example

A family plans an around the world trip.
Goal: Leave for an around the world trip in two years.
Why: A personal dream, show the world to the children, and strengthen the family.
When: 24 months
Self-assessment: Need money, prepare work situation, prepare family and friends, establish good health

Finance: Monthly savings
Friends: Explain the project, and that mutual activities will be affected due to saving money.
Family: Make the closest family confident about the project
Health: Eat healthier and exercise.
Personal Development: Identify places to see and cultures to learn
Career: How will this affect the work?

You can subscribe to application with auto-renewable subscription plans :-
1 month, 3 months, 12 months and discount prices which is 50% and 70%.

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