Developing a strategic plan that can lead the Muslim Ummah towards global competitiveness and can direct the efforts of qualified and skilled youth towards optimal utilization of planning and institutional tools to contribute to the renaissance of their communities and homeland countries.

A wide current of youth leading projects and institutions aiming at reviving the renaissance of the Muslim Ummah and enforcing its global competitiveness during the next 20 years.

The first leading and practical strategic plan that leads the Muslim World towards civilization.


Enlighted and creative youth who are fond of leadership work and regenerative efforts and who adopt a clear strategic plan to implement ideas into actions and to lead various civilizational projects.

We believe that we are an integral part of the existing forces working towards the renaissance of the Ummah and that our role extends beyond production to encompass igniting the spirit of contribution and collaboration among the various parties in the manner that serves our vision and mission.

We respect our identity and the radiance of the renaissance of our Ummah. We accept nothing short of presenting excellent-quality content that reflects our tireless efforts towards the renaissance of our Ummah and the rejuvenation of our approaches in all fields and arenas.

We adhere to teamwork and collaboration in terms of consultation and co-leadership as it relates to decision-making that is well-informed and follows a scientific methodology. We cherish the spirit of the one team and one vision.

We adhere to our ethical and humane values whether internally or externally with our partners.


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