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Ortrac Scholar provides a new way to organize education that takes place in the work-place ensuring that targets, competencies and outcomes are met. The app can be used by educational institutions ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of students or candidates.

Some forms of education have a heavy emphasis on practice in the field or in a work-place, e.g. the students spend hundreds or thousands of hours off-campus. Whilst the education on-campus usually have a selection of tools available for students and faculty, the off-campus activities are less supported with modern tools.

Ortrac Scholar changes this and enables student and faculty to create an assessment framework for all time spent in the work place. This enables students and faculty to verify that students are meeting outcomes, all while saving time and increasing quality. Examples of applicable educational fields are:

- Medical education, undergraduate and post-graduate

- Teaching

- Defense

- Post-graduate training

- Other programs or courses where a large portion of the education take place in the work place.

Features in the app include:

- Log in to registered courses

- View course related outcomes

- Create observer-based forms by selecting course outcomes and selecting questions that match criteria

- Create quizzes based on course outcomes and desired nr of questions

- Download forms or quiz to your device (iPhone, iPad) for use offline.

- All form data gathered is authenticated with an observer ID, unless anonymous observer is selected (.e.g patient)

- Any quizzes or forms performed will store metadata such as course outcome, date of use etc, to enable clear overview for both student and faculty

- View forms and quizzes on your device and upload results when you have an internet connection

- Re-use forms for multiple observations

Ortrac software is a framework used by clinicians in 43 countries and in 15 different languages to provide a variety of educational functions including

- Assessment through exams and forms

- curriculum management, mapping & blueprinting

- work-based assessment, log-books & clinical assessment by assessors

- statistics, reports & dash- boards

- registration, payment & eligibility vetting

In order to use the Ortrac Scholar app you will need an Ortrac account

What sets Ortrac Scholar apart is that the app uses the intelligence of every authored question and assessment being recorded. This means that both student and the faculty can track educational progress and if goals are met for each outcome.


Version 3.1.1

Bug fixes:
* Fixed bug that causes perpetual login (critical).
* Forms are now visible in all course instances
* Fixed issue with submitted form results missing responses
* Fixed issue with marked result tag categories not available when adding tags
* Fixed required evaluation questions not being enforced (and required flag not shown)
* Fixed crash bug when app has been inactive and is re-activated
* Fixed login timing out. Allows user to be logged in unless explicitly quitting app or signing out

* User interface improvements for forms
* Added visual feedback when result is uploaded
* New setting allows forms to be auto submitted after signing
* Added flag for number of submitted evaluations for a form (requires forms to be re-downloaded after installing this version for a true count)

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2,5 av 5
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13 betyg


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