Need a professional to help you deal with your boyfriend?

Have you ever been involved or are currently in relationship with a boyfriend and not known either what to say in a difficult situation or wondered why he acted the way that he did? Well, millions of girls and women feel the same way but do not have the opportunity or resources to seek professional advice. Our app, Why Boyfriends Do What They Do and What to Do When They Do It, offers sound advice on many common crises, situations, conflicts and interactions that girls and women encounter every day in their relationships with their boyfriends. Advice on dealing with lack of confidence, sex, assertiveness, hostility or shyness, aggressive boyfriends, boyfriends who constantly need to be the center of attention, and much, much, more is included in this app.

As licensed clinical psychologists with over 50 combined years of experience, we see females every day that struggle with a variety of issues in relationships for which the solutions are not easy. They often ask us questions like:

· What do I do with my boyfriend who won’t make a commitment to me?
· My boyfriend was so rude to me in front of his parents and I didn't say anything. What should I have done?
· How do I stop my boyfriend from taking advantage of me?
· What do I do about my boyfriend who is constantly late?
· How do I deal with my boyfriend who never apologizes?

Questions like these, which on the surface may seem so easily solvable, are in actuality, very difficult and occupy a great amount of energy in relationships. We have found that much of our time as therapists is spent helping girls and women in relationships build confidence and giving them practical skills to cope with issues handling their boyfriends in new or long-term relationships.

Why Boyfriends Do What They Do and What to Do When They Do It represents years of research and clinical experience in the field. As a result, we, as psychologists, feel that the most important areas are addressed and hope the topics presented will answer many of the more common concerns or curiosities about the behavior of boyfriends.


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