Satyam Yoga Prasad: The Highest Yajna
In this most sacred yajna, the offering is the sacrifice and tapasya of our gurus, and the divine blessing and prasad distributed is the yoga vidya. In continuation of the tradition of the jnana yajna of Swami Sivananda, the collected publications of Swami Satyananda and Swami Niranjan are now available online, offered to all, with the hope and prayer that everyone will be benefitted and their spiritual life enriched.

The yogic vidya is more important now than ever. When lived, this vidya ignites a new flame of inspiration, a new inner connection, a new experience, a new understanding, and a new opportunity to become complete in one’s own nature and expressions and to bring out the best in one’s life. In turn, this will bring out the beauty of life for others in the ongoing yajna that is daily life.

It is with the utmost happiness and joy that Bihar School of Yoga and Yoga Publications Trust present Satyam Yoga Prasad for the digital age. All publications are available online, as guru prasad, with prayers and wishes for the peace, health, happiness and upliftment of all.


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Thank you very much for the gift but the app doesn’t work

I have logged in and tried to do yoga nidra several times but the audio stops and sometimes even freezes so I have to restart the app. Perhaps the problem is connected to when the screen saver goes on.

I also miss the possibility (from your other app with yoga nidra etc.) to make favourite for easier access.

I hope you find away to solve these problems. 🙏🏼


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