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Scoremusic is the most innovative professional digital sheet music tool on the market for reading, annotating and sharing music in groups. Our target customers are any kind of orchestras, choirs, music schools, students, interpreters etc.

Scoremusic provides a cloud service where you can sign up to create an account to store sheet music (PDF files) and make setlists for concerts and rehearsals.
Having a Scoremusic account enables all your data to be stored on the Scoremusic cloud and automatically synchronized across the web and the app online, in real time. Furthermore, all the data can be used offline with your iPad! Your annotations and changes made offline will be saved and synchronized with the cloud once you are connected to the Internet.

-Import PDF
-Edit composition name/author/category
-Search music by name of the composition/author
-Filter music by categories
-Sort music by newest/oldest (according to added time)
-Sort music by A-Z/Z-A
-Add setlist
-Edit setlist
-Search setlist by name
-View all setlists grouped by All/Future/Past/Without date
-Create layer(s) for annotations
-See annotations made by the group leader in real time
-Use pencil, marker, eraser for annotations
-Zoom in and out on your music
-Use bookmarks and shortcuts for navigation
-Turn page manually or use bluetooth foot pedal

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Version 1.0.5

-Bug fixes related to iOS 14
-Continuous page turn in Setlist
-UI fixes


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