ShareWeather predicts the actual appearance of weather and its consequences. While weathermen talk of what is happening in the air, ShareWeather will also explain the direct effects on the ground. The weather is simplified with fun animations and smart graphics. With ShareWeather you will get useful data that support planning, driving, spare-time, gardening and outdoor activities.
The ShareWeather 16 day weather forecast is based on research, professional knowledge and creative presentation. With sophisticated methods merging advanced forecasting models, own calculations, and user observations, ShareWeather predicts the look, feel, and effects of weather. In addition, you can improve your own weather forecast when you contribute local observations. The ShareWeather presentation was created to condense complexity into simple graphs and animations. This would, however, be impossible without the specially designed variables developed for this app, and the capabilities of modern forecasting systems merged to create some really unique features.

-16 day weather forecast
-The type and shape of clouds
-Conventional meteorological parameters describing the state of the air: air temperature, precipitation, pressure, humidity, visibility, wind speed, wind direction, wind gusts, feels like (including wind chill)
-Variables describing the ground: water on ground, snow, melting snow, surface type (ice, frost, wet, dry, etc)
-Crop growth in nature
-Forecast correction for local altitude

-Summary of max and min values (Warmest, Coldest, Rainiest, Windiest, Sunniest, Cloudiest), for 16, 14, 10, 7, or 4 days.
-Text prognosis (Sky+), large text view (air temperature, feels like, wind) (Air-), full list of conventional meteorological variables in smaller text (Air+)
-Overlaying Diagram in Sky View. When in 3h mode, the diagram will display a 24h forecast. If the mode is switched to 24h, the coming 4 days are shown. The user can chose to see an overview of 4 days, 7 days, 10 days, 14 days, or all 16 days.
-The 16 day Diagram View displays all 16 days in a Scrollable Diagram. Click and chose a time step
-Wind summary compass showing wind direction and speed for 16 days, 4 days, or 24h, the speed being represented by color intensity/transparency.
-Wind arrow length (single time steps) reflect wind speed, while their color imply the temperature trend (blue/red symbolizing cold/warm air masses)
-Alerts illustrated by red triangles are triggered by threshold values, some of which can be managed

-Switching between Sky View / 16 day Diagram
-Summary displayed for about 5 sec whenever switching between Sky / 16 day Diagram (or home button)
-Sky View with Play console, one time step shown/animated at a time (play speed adjustable). Possibility to add an overlaying graph
-At any time, next and previous time steps are also accessed by swiping right or left, or tapping on the play console buttons forward/back (3h) or fast forward/back (24h)
-Time steps are also manageable via the Clock
-The 16 day Diagram View displays all 16 days in a Scrollable Diagram. Variables are selected from the settings check box list (default: air temperature, wind direction), or by clicking the variable text
-Alert thresholds are easily changed to a desired value suiting one’s personal needs and preferences (settings)
-Latest forecast is available even when offline
Choosing places from a map (Google maps)
-Searching places (with access to Open Street Map)
-Fahrenheit/Mph or Celsius/m/s conversion (settings)
-Storing favorite places

With new features and presentation, ShareWeather condenses complex weather information to not only a beautiful picture of the sky, air, ground and nature, but useful stuff. You will easily find the weather suited for your needs and planning, and enjoy yourself, too!


Version 2.9

This version contains general improvements and bug fixing. In addition, we have been working on the functionalities associated with winter weather due to the commencement of the new winter season 2019/2020 in Europe, USA, Canada, and Asia. Also, we paid some special attention to forecast loading, app launch, and features assisting you as a user when choosing new destinations.

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