#stories is the audio experience that is designed to move you.
Whether that be your mind, body, or soul there will be music and stories that will push the limit of the traditional listening experience you are used to.

Inside the #stories there are professionally curated playlist that are custom curated to capture your attention while expanding your thoughts through audio, art, and video.

Some stories playlist include.

Eye Opening Stories - The playlist where your 3rd Eye Waking up to Reality

Mind Altered Stories - The playlist where you learn all about the wonders of brain power

Entrepreneurship Stories - The playlist that showcases stories on how to sell your problem you solve, and not the soul.

True History Stories - The playlist that reeducates the hard truth of what we "should have" learned in school

WTF Stories - The playlist that shares the trending news going around the world and the internet.

Iconic Shows Stories - The Playlist that lets you tune into the nostalgic voices of your favorite past time cartoons

Philosophical Stories - The Playlist that will explain your deep thinking mind

Faith Hop Stories - The Playlist that will restore your faith and Jesus Swagger

Spooky Stories - The Playlist that will reinvent Campfire Storytelling

Cryptic Stories - The Playlist that show cases all the uploaded material in a mashup cryptic message that is filled with subliminal messaging to break.

LMFAO Stories - The Playlist to make you make you laugh out loud, literally.

Each story is created and curated by our Resident Storytelling DJ, Atlas Stark, who is a master at scoring music and stories into the most unique listening experience.

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Sporadiskt förekommande/nedtonad användning av eller referenser till alkohol, tobak eller droger.
Sporadiskt förekommande/nedtonat olämpligt språk eller rå humor.
Sporadiskt förekommande/nedtonat tecknat eller fantasy med inslag av våld.
Sporadiskt förekommande/nedtonade skräckteman.
Sporadiskt förekommande/nedtonad medicinsk eller behandlingsinformation.
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