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* 2010 Editor's Choice Award for Excellence in Design - Children'sTechnology Review *


"This is an ideal elementary geometry enrichment activity that is fun enough to keep either kids or adults playing."
- Children'sTechnology Review

"It's my new favorite puzzle game to play when I have a few minutes."

"Everyone with an iPad should get this game...beautifully designed and super delicious!"


A Slide, Flip, and Turn Puzzle

Symmetry Shuffle is a “Math Doodles” recreational math puzzle for the iPad that will sharpen your spatial reasoning and get your neurons sparking. It takes only minutes to learn and months to master, but beware, once you start playing you may never see things the same!

The world of math is not limited to numbers only.
Spatial reasoning and geometry are important elements of mathematics. Mathematicians use symmetry and geometric modeling to analyze mathematical situations and solve problems.

This mathematical puzzle allows users to explore line and rotational symmetry, while developing their spatial sense to create strategies to help them solve problems.
THE PUZZLE: Target designs are arranged on the screen in random orientations. Use turns (rotations), flips (reflections), and slides (translations) to move and match a figure over the target images. A level is completed when all of the target designs have been matched There are two modes of play, solve and race.

SOLVE MODE: Solve puzzles with the fewest moves, without the pressure of racing a count down timer. Choose from 12 different puzzle designs, 5 game board layouts, and 2 difficulty levels.

RACE MODE: Race the clock and get as many points as you can before time runs out. Complete the puzzles, to earn bonus time, and to advance to harder levels.


· Predict and describe the results of sliding, flipping, and turning two-dimensional shapes
· Identify and describe line and rotational symmetry in two-dimensional shapes and designs.
· Examine the congruence, similarity, and line or rotational symmetry of objects using transformations.
· Problem Solving
· Mathematical Reasoning
· Math Enjoyment


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Version 1.0.3

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1 betyg


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