Timbeter Container is a smart-device (smartphone or tablet) solution for log counting and volume estimation for timber transported in containers. Reduce your valuable time on making measurements and the boring process of inserting data!
Loading logs into containers, measuring them and compiling a bill of ladings is extremely time consuming. Timbeter Container removes measurement and documentation problems, providing a straightforward tool for your reports. Information is easily shared and if disagreements arise, digital footprints are always available to check and assess.
Using Timbeter Container is so easy: you simply make photos of the packs loaded into the containers, the application counts the number of logs, provides the volume estimation and the diameters of each log. All your digital data is structured accordingly; measurements, the number of containers and a bill of lading. Every measurement recorded is connected to each specific container and each specific load. Data can be easily shared via a link with your receiving party. Buyers can view in advance the quality of the wood and possible disagreements over the amounts are easily avoided.
All the container packs can be re-measured in the web-based storage module, enabling even better transparent data exchange between your clients. In the storage module users have a real-time overview of all the measurements made - so you can analyze and share your data. Timbeter enables you to minimize human error when either making your measurements or data entry.

Timbeter doesn't require any special data configuration or installation: you simply download the application, insert the data regarding the bill of lading and your containers to the storage module and being making the measurements. Simple!


Version 1.0.1

detector update
bug fixes


Utvecklaren Timbeter OÜ har angett att appens integritetsrutiner kan inkludera hantering av data enligt beskrivningen nedan. Det finns mer information i utvecklarens integritetspolicy.

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