NOTE: This is not a full fledged VPN application. You'll need an external app that supports OpenVPN profile files in order to utilize the configurations available!

Total Freedom VPN Helper
- Bypass blocked websites and applications
- Hosted by volunteers from all over the world by the VPN Gate project
- Fast and lightweight
- Minimal configuration required
- Free of charge at no cost
- 100% secure access
- Disguise your IP address while surfing
- Protect yourself using when public WiFi networks by utilizing it's strong encryption

- Search by multiple attributes
- Sort by multiple attributes
- Simple one screen interface

Click on the selected profile that you want and download it, you can then choose to email the attachment for use on another computer OR download OpenVPN Connect and use it to manage the VPN connection.

- VPN Gate Project (http://vpngate.net)
- UI is provided by FlatUI for iOS by Jack Flintermann (https://github.com/Grouper/FlatUIKit)


Version 1.1.0

- Fixed keyboard not dismissing.
- Misc bug fixes and code upgrade/cleanup.


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