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Sidekick – your friend on the road

Sidekick is a unique and smart car insurance for young drivers between 18 and 30 years old. The car insurance works in a simple way: You install an OBD2 unit (that you will receive from us) in your car. The unit collects data about acceleration, how you turn and braking, among other things. The data transforms to a driving score that you can see in your Sidekick app, which is downloadable on your phone. Here you also get feedback on how to improve your driving skills. The unique thing about Sidekick is that you can save money on being a safe driver. When you are driving safely and with a good flow, we fill your piggybank in the app with money after every trip. When the insurance year is about, you will receive the money along with the money for mileage you may not have used.

Here are some of the benefits by using Sidekick:

• Save money by being a safe driver.
• Get custom tips on how to become an even safer driver.
• You can get an extra 1000 NOK in return by being a safe driver.
• Pay only for the mileage you actually use.
• Automatically adjusted mileage, making sure that you are always correct insured.
• Save more money by adding a friend to Sidekick.

Use of the Sidekick app requires you to have Sidekick car insurance in Tryg. Visit Tryg homepage for more information.

Only data about the car’s mileage and driving score is transferred to Tryg. No data about the user or the car’s position will be transferred. Tryg guarantees that the information will only be used to adjust the price of your car insurance and mileage adjustments. Information will not be used in any claims settlement or shared with third parties.

OBSERVE: Continued background use of GPS can deplete battery life.


Version 2.0.61

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