Experience exciting, tactical, PvP multiplayer battles with stunning visuals and audio based on the epic fantasy universe, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

Fight and battle in an ultimate challenge to rule the Mortal Realms!

Amass an army of powerful cards including Generals, Heroes and Summons. Collect cards, level them up and use their power to crush your opponents.

Choose from many unique cards to create your own deck strategies. Deploy your powerful units to the battlefield. Enhance your tactics by deciding when to unleash game changing General and Hero Special Powers, designed to combine with infinite potential.

Send your heroes to take control of the of the mighty Realmgate and boost your deck with unique and super powered cards. These legendary cards can be played without cost, so choose your moment wisely.

Rise to become the ultimate Warlord!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War is a true fusion of MOBA and PvP card battler.


• Command mighty Generals from Stormcast Eternals to Orruk Megabosses
• Collect a wide range of powerful, unique cards and power them up in multiple ways
• Build your deck to win based on unique tactics and strategy
• Unleash mighty Hero Powers and unique General Special Abilities
• Combine cards, powers, abilities and strategy for victory
• Defeat opponents, win battle rewards and power your way up the ranks
• Experience short, explosive action-packed battles
• Gain access to new cards and battle arenas as you move up the ranks
• Best-in-class next-gen 3D visuals on mobile
• Log-in daily to collect mystical comets and complete quests with valuable treasure

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War is completely free to download, it is possible to play through the game without purchase, however some in game items, features and enhancements can be optionally purchased using real money. If you do not wish to use these features you can disable in app purchases in your device settings.

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Version 2.3.0

Welcome to version 2.3.0 of Warhammer AoS: Realm War

- Further bug fixes and polish.

Betyg och recensioner

4.3 av 5
329 betyg

329 betyg

Box1234b ,

PRO game


MrMyx ,

Bad matchmaking and PTW

I honestly don’t understand the high rating of this game, I can only assume they are by paid reviewers or people that have only started playing it. The game is the standard PTW bs, with constant reworks of units, nerfing some and overpowering others, too keep people needing to upgrade stuff, preferably using cash. Also since the player base is so small, it has noticeably declined in the past 6 months, they basically have about 100 neckbeards keeping it going. The latest update yet again changed the already bad matchmaking into even worse, this time putting everyone above 30k score in the same bracket as the neckbeards. That’s right, pass that magic 30k score and you are constantly matched against players with much higher power units and spells causing you to lose 9/10 games or against bots that are extremely predictable but also have much more powerful units making for tedious but winnable games.

Veritas DK ,

Another sad “pay to win” game it turned out to be

Latest Update
This update has made the game even worse - the only thing that has kept me goin this far is my veneration for the Warhammer universe... however this latest update has made impossible to win without paying and using considerable time on the game in order to get it just right. No room for casual players anymore.
The irony of it all is furthermore that Pixel/GW “sold” the latest update on the premise that some build were to powerful and they wanted other units to be used and balance the game better... well non of this has happened - now it’s just a new build you need - which is a shame for all of us that had “invested” in other units and are unwilling to pay for card-packages and extra coins to upgrade them.
Furthermore they have now cleverly tried to conceal this fact by removing the opponents units level that used to be shown above it.
What I am describing here is only the tip of the iceberg as the general matchmaking has worsen too.
I guess if you are a new player you will probably enjoy the first hours play and appreciate the decent polish of the games units - but then uninstall it or you will just grow bitter like me and the rest of my clan in game that all feel like me and are getting ready to leave the game!!

@GW fix this - what fun is it to play a game where you can only expect to win 20-30% at best if you are not paying to win or a nerdy e-sport player. :(

It hurts me to write such a scathing review of a game I initially quite liked and enjoyed playing... but with each update it’s become harder and harder to win without paying (a lot). So from a fine game It’s morphed into one of those “pay to win” games we all loathe!!
Each update has so far increased cost to lvl up units and decreased the wins you get from completing the daily quest. Making the need to buy boost packs even more necessary (although I have resisted the temptation so far). The same pattern seems to repeat itself in the clan events, where the winnings used to be ok.
Pairing this with a faulty matchmaking engine these quest/clan events have become even harder to complete without paying real money...

Currently I am stuck around 1800 points (so I have played the game quite a bit - and enough to know what I am talking about). I have lvl 5 units and a lvl 3 general... however most of my opponents might have somewhat the same points as me (I know I am to kind to the game here) but have clearly spend a lot of money in order to level up generals and units...
So far it’s more the rule than the exception that I play against generals that are at least 4-6 lvl higher than me with several lvl 10 units and therefore also a tower that is at least 2-4 lvl higher than my own. In effect this means I might as well give up before the match even starts.

Start over GW - it’s embarrassing you lend your name to this game in its current form!

Update: I have kept playing the game casually since I wrote my review and sadly nothing has happened - well apart from the free comets you get (which give you resources in the game) now holds even less resources than when the game launched - further pushing you towards “pay to win”. To drive this point home the matchmaking seems even worse now. You can still win - but rarely more than one match in a row.


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