靈實將軍澳及西貢地區支援中心(下稱:中心) 為殘疾人士及其家庭提供個案管理、個人/小組訓練及支援、社區教育等服務。中心獲滙豐香港社區夥伴計劃2020贊助,因應以下理念,研發本應用程式。

人們長時間留在家中,可能感到孤單或寂寞。我們希望透過「『靈』『社』- 『腦』友記」計劃1的這個應用程式,幫助用戶在空閒時能與社群保持聯繫,並學習不同網絡使用技巧,以便他們可在線上與他人正面互動及尋找相關生活資訊。同時,一些照顧者需長期肩負照顧責任,所以我們亦會邀請一些講員就照顧作講解及分享。 

Haven of Hope Tseung Kwan O and Sai Kung District Support Centre (named: “the centre” below) provides case management services for the persons with disabilities and their families, individual and group training and support, community education, etc. Sponsored by the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme 2020, the centre develops this application based on the rationale below.

Under the Project of “Deep Deep Buddies” sponsored by the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme 2020, this application is specifically designed for helping the users maintain human connection with others during their free time and learn the necessary cyber security skills (e.g. self-protection while using social media) and online social manner tips for youngsters and people with intellectual disability or find useful resources online while they are staying home. It is because we know that people may often feel isolated in interpersonal relationship or feel helpless in finding resources that can help them cope with daily difficulties. Besides, some speakers would be invited to share their thought and views on caregiving so that caregivers, who take care of the needy at home for a long time, can also benefit from some helpful suggestions.


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