*** Roll The Dice! *** Build Your Decision-Making Skills! *** Have Fun With Your Friends & Family! ***

*** Meet The Funny Characters *** From The SELFIE ZOO Collection! ***

*** Challenging Strategy Game! *** Can You Score In All 13 Categories? ***

This is the original family game that millions of people have played for over 50 years.
Refresh your childhood memories with this all-time classic.

No Timers. Just relax and have fun.
Hone your skills, and look for the highlighted hints that reveal the optimal choices.
Have fun mastering our poker dice game.

Features for Your Enjoyment:
- Classic Gameplay
- Highlighted Choice Hint
- Funny Notification Sounds
- Multiple Scoring Categories
- Fun Graphics
- Amusing Sounds
- Your Favorite SELFIE ZOO Character
- Included Instructions
- Challenge Your Friends
- Compete on the Leaderboard
- Multiplayer Compatibility
- Play On Your iPhone or iPad
- Shuffle Engine is Casino Matched

Challenge Awaits You with Great Benefits:
- Stimulates Your Mind
- Builds Your Decision-Making Skills
- Easy To Learn
- Improves Your Memory
- Tests Your Skills
- Provides Family Fun
- Exercises Your Brain
- Excellent Time-Killer
- Relieves Stress
- Calms You Down after Work
- Relaxes You before Sleep

Download Now... But Beware, It's Surprisingly Easy To Pick-Up & Hard To Put Down!

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How to Play?

Yatzy consists of 13 rounds.
In each round, you roll the dice and score the result in 1 of 13 categories.

You must score exactly once in each category.
Skill and judgement are required as the game progresses, and your options start to ran out.

The aim of the game is to get the highest score from 13 rounds, with 3 rolls per hand.

A Yatzy (5 of a kind) is 50 points, but a second Yatzy yields a bonus of 100 points.

Try to tick off all 13 dice combinations.

Use Game-Center to track accomplishments and compare your best scores to others around the world.

Secret Tips:

Conserve the easy combinations (like the multiples of 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, and "Chance") for when you need them.

Aim for the most difficult dice combinations, such as "Full House", "Small Straight", "Large Straight" and "Five of A Kind / Yatzy".


The Selfie Zoo Collection's Mission is to Help to Raise Worldwide Awareness to the Animal Rights - in a Fun Way. :)

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Janz & Jing & Mike.


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