How Emma Blackery Lays a Beat

Emma Blackery started her YouTube channel to promote her music, but it was her skits and confessionals that supercharged her subscriber base to the 1.4 million she has today.

Now, having lived the life of a YouTube star, she’s back to concentrating on music and has begun recording a raft of new tunes. Each of them starts in the synth and beat-making app Auxy.

“It’s how I’ve been making all of the demos for my new music,” she says. “I do it on the go, with headphones on.”

After performing in several bands, Blackery decided to go solo in 2012.

Although she has released a number of EPs and albums over the years (including the EP Magnetised, her highest-profile record yet), Blackery had limited experience with beat machines before Auxy.

“When I first downloaded it, I was like, ‘Oh my God. How am I going to use this?’” she says. But she was soon able to reverse-engineer the process.

“I started off using other people’s sampled tracks and working out how they do stuff,” she says. “Now I can literally just write a song in this. It’s quite intuitive.”

Auxy has become the starting point for much of Blackery’s new material.

There’s no shortage of music creation apps out there—Medly, NOIZ, and FunkBox Drum Machine, to name just a few. What drew Blackery to Auxy?

It’s got loads of synths,” she says, and with her new album she wanted to go “in a more pop direction.”

In addition to creating more YouTube videos about her life, music-making, and sillier topics, Blackery aims to have a new single out early next year, followed by a full album in the summer.

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