Take your destiny in hand with the social astrology app.

Co–Star Personalized Astrology


According to the astrology app Co-Star, everything you do today harkens back to the positions of the planets when you were born. So before you start using it, you’ll need a key detail about your life: your exact birth time.

Using traditional astrology methods and NASA data about planetary movements, the app produces a series of daily updates based on your complete birth chart.

Co-Star delivers your personalized horoscope. Not the horoscope for your astrological sign or the month you were born. Your horoscope.

See how your chart compares with friends, family members, and lovers—current or potential. Once your profiles are connected, you’ll see your compatibility ratings on aspects like Basic Identities (how your birth charts match) and deeper bonds like Intellect & Communication, Love & Pleasure, and Philosophies of Life.

The rest, as they say, is up to the stars.