How to conquer Dr. Mario World

Become a virus-zapping master with these tips.

Dr. Mario World

Match 3 puzzle versus viruses!


Nintendo’s latest App Store release is a new edition of the classic puzzler Dr. Mario, in which you line up coloured capsules to eliminate pesky viruses. Reimagined for iPhone and iPad, Dr. Mario World takes that classic formula and makes it more compelling and intuitive than ever.

Pop the viruses by creating a row of three or more of the same colour using the capsules.

You can play on your own, with friends or with players from around the world – here are some tips to get you started, however you want to play.

Start at the bottom

In the original Dr. Mario, pills were dropped into the bottle from the top, but in World, they float up the screen in purple liquid.

If there is nothing above the pills such as a virus or a block, they’ll pile up at the top of the screen.

So it follows that it’s best to focus on eliminating the viruses from the bottom to the top, working your way up the screen to clear the whole thing. And remember, you can match colours vertically and horizontally. And if you want to buy yourself a little more time, you can also tap the next pill, shown at the bottom of the screen, to rotate it even before it enters the field of play.

Get to grips with each character

There’s a variety of familiar faces who help you in Dr. Mario World. Each has their own skill, so think about how their strengths relate to the stage in front of you.

Princess Peach’s skill is her ability to randomly delete one vertical line.

There are two character types: Doctors and Assistants. To use a Doctor’s skill, you need to fill up the meter (the red ring that frames your character at the bottom of the screen) by eliminating viruses. Once full, you can trigger it by tapping the glowing icon – Dr. Mario’s special ability, for example, is to remove the entire bottom line of blocks and viruses.

You can select two Assistants to boost your abilities further. Goomba, for example, increases your score in stage mode, and in versus mode grants you a 4% chance that your attack meter fills instantly when your opponent attacks.

Single capsule control

If you played the original back in the day, you’ll notice a major difference to the mechanics in Dr. Mario World. When one half of a pill is matched, you can now control the other half as it continues to float upwards in the purple liquid.

This gives you many more tactical options – so think carefully about using every part of every capsule that pops into play.

Versus mode explained

In versus mode, you play against friends and other players from around the world in real time. In this mode, you must keep eliminating viruses until either your screen or your opponent’s screen becomes filled with viruses.

Make matches quickly and you’ll dump a load of viruses right into your opponents’ play space. The trouble is, the reverse is true, so playing against a hotshot doctor means your screen is filled with additional germs to tackle.

So that’s how to get started in Dr. Mario World – download it now to get matching with Mario.

    Dr. Mario World

    Match 3 puzzle versus viruses!