Your college survival kit

College life can be amazing, whether you’re embarking on your first tentative steps towards a new life of relative freedom and adulthood, or maybe returning to campus after a long summer break. But, it’s not always plain sailing. Arm yourself with these college-friendly apps, and you’ll be on course to master some of the semester’s challenges.

Be productive

Struggling to juggle your lectures, your sports practices and play rehearsals? Use these productivity and scheduling apps to take notes, set reminders and ensure you’re on top of things.

Ace your commute

The commute to college might be new and you’re likely to miss your school bus now and then. These ride-sharing apps will help you reach college without worrying about traffic diversions and parking restrictions.

Get the look

Is your wardrobe college ready? Are you having difficulty looking like a grown-up when your clothes scream “teenager”? Give your wardrobe a makeover. And when that’s done, pose for some selfies and post your new look.

Brush up

If you’re worried about stumbling on some basic facts and making a bad first impression, learn new ideas and data to impress your teachers and classmates.

For your home comforts

Are you anxious about finding an apartment to rent close to campus? Or are you trying to cook a decent meal for yourself now that mum is not around to feed you home-cooked delights? Take your first steps towards proper adulthood with these apps, whether you’re looking to find your ideal living space or cooking meals for yourself.

Find friends, or a date

And, at the end of a long, anxiety-inducing week, if you want to find a date or make some new friends to hang out with, turn to these dating apps. When you’ve enjoyed a movie and a meal, how are you going to split the tab? No worries, we’ve even got that covered for you!