Go faux instant

The roots of instant photography go all the way back to 1947. More than half a century later, the charm is still there and its nostalgic aesthetics is cooler than ever! Creating the retro illusion with photo frames and washed-out colours, each of these photography apps offers a unique experience.

Although it is an urban myth that you need to shake a self-developing photo, Folar pays homage to this ritual by making users shake their devices to see their photos. Polaroid FX, on the other hand, frames every moment in true instant fashion with features that ride the nostalgia wave. Let's just admit it, everything looks a bit better in an instant photo frame.

    InstaLab - Instant Editor

    Snap and Share or Print!


    Folar - Instant film camera

    Instant photo editor & camera


    8mm Vintage Camera

    Shoot authentic retro films


    Instants - Photo Edition

    Quickly create your instants!


    VHS Cam - Retro Camcorder FX

    Vintage Video Effects