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EduPage - application for teachers, students and parents

Send messages to teachers, classes or parents. Start group discussions with the whole class or with all its parents.

Electronic grade book
Teachers can input grades on mobile or in web interface, parents and students will see them in this mobile application.

Electronic class register
Input curriculum for each lesson directly from your mobile. Lesson plans can be used to simply pick the next topic.

Attendance & absence notes
Input absent students. Class teachers can also input absence notes or simply allow parents to send electronic absence notes directly from their mobile phones.

Input the homework. Students and parents can view and mark them as ready. They will love you!

Download your timetable for offline viewing. (School needs to use aSc TimeTables.)

Check the daily substitution changes on your mobile. Includes push notifications. (School needs to use aSc Substitutions).

Create interactive tests for your students. The results are automatically collected and the assignments are evaluated.

School Cantina
View the weekly menu. It is also possible to order or cancel the meal for each day.

Anything that teachers inputs automatically generates notification on your mobile.


Verzia 3.0.49

Bug fixes

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Hodnotenia: 721

ot0 ,

Despair, horror and suffering

This app tries its best to make parents’ lives as desperate as humanly possible. But the real fun begins if you have more than one kid.

Got a notification about kid X but you worked with kid Y the last time? You’re out of luck - the app doesn’t switch to kid X, because… why not.

The UI is a complete mess, but some of the most annoying things are rather easy to fix - but they don’t want to make any improvements - not because they don’t care, but because they’re here to torture you deliberately. You have no choice and they know it.

janko z ondavec ,


The worst app i’ve ever seen. My parents are going crazy because of this. They beat me every single day. I can’t do it anymore. If you want to download this app, it’s on your own risk. Stay safe 🙏.

larca2009 ,

I kinda like this way of learning but..

when you got a bad grade ur mom is going to beat u with varecha😭😭😴❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹🫢🥱🏀🖤🥰🛹🫢⛷️❤️‍🩹😵🙏🏂🙏🏋️‍♀️🤡🏐

Ochrana súkromia v apkách

aSc Applied Software Consultants uvádza, že zásady ochrany súkromia v aplikácii môžu zahŕňať narábanie s údajmi spôsobom popísaným nižšie.Viac sa dozviete v pravidlách ochrany súkromia vývojára.

Údaje, ktoré sú s vami prepojené

Môžu sa zhromažďovať nasledujúce údaje, ktoré sú prepojené s vašou identitou:

  • Používateľ­ský obsah
  • Identifikátory
  • Údaje o používaní
  • Diagnostika

Postupy ochrany osobných údajov sa môžu líšiť, napríklad v závislosti od používaných funkcií alebo vášho veku. Ďalšie informácie

Mohlo by sa vám páčiť