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EduPage - application for teachers, students and parents

Premium interactive tests for everyone!
Even if your school is not using any of the bellow features, you can still use this application! It contains many interactive tests from Math - where you have to think a little, English - where you need to understand the spoken word, some Geography, Biology and even Music. Try it out!

Send messages to teachers, classes or parents. Start group discussions with the whole class or with all its parents.

Electronic grade book
Teachers can input grades on mobile or in web interface, parents and students will see them in this mobile application.

Electronic class register
Input curriculum for each lesson directly from your mobile. Lesson plans can be used to simply pick the next topic.

Attendance & absence notes
Input absent students. Class teachers can also input absence notes or simply allow parents to send electronic absence notes directly from their mobile phones.

Input the homework. Students and parents can view and mark them as ready. They will love you!

Download your timetable for offline viewing. (School needs to use aSc TimeTables.)

Check the daily substitution changes on your mobile. Includes push notifications. (School needs to use aSc Substitutions).

Create interactive tests for your students. The results are automatically collected and the assignments are evaluated.

School Cantina
View the weekly menu. It is also possible to order or cancel the meal for each day.

Anything that teachers inputs automatically generates notification on your mobile. No need to check webpage now and then.

For teachers
If your school is not using EduPage, you can still use this application to input grades and homework. If you add emails of your parents they will be able to use this same application to check what you have inputted. It is also possible to invite your colleagues and share the data with them!


Verzia 1.5.34


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Hodnotenia: 8 tis.

Hodnotenia: 8 tis.

Lukáš Dršman ,

Slow and extremely annoying

I get notification every time teacher “updates” homework. In reality, however, nothing changes. I’d rather slowly cut my limbs off with blunt knife than open Messages. They’re slow to load and every other scroll sends me back to the most recent messages. I already don’t like school, do you really need to push this hatred towards education further by this horrendous mental torture that is your app? Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Patrik196 ,

Problem with adding photos

It is not possible to attach photos to completed tasks, which completely degrades iPhone's work as a work device. Such a basic function should work, it is annoying to always send files to a PC and send them from there.

a random Matt ,

Terrible optimization

I am very frustrated with the outdated design of the app. Not only does it crash randomly, but when I want to send a photo that I just took and it is not a screenshot, the app won’t let me. These things did not bother me in the past, but now, when EduPage is my only source of information from my teachers that I have to rely on, it is getting pretty noticeable.


aSc Applied Software Consultants s.r.o
98.8 MB

Vyžaduje sa iOS 8.0 alebo novší. Kompatibilné so zariadeniami: iPhone, iPad a iPod touch.


Angličtina, Bokmål Nórčina, Dánčina, Francúzština, Fínčina, Gréčtina, Hebrejčina, Holandčina, Indonézština, Japončina, Kórejčina, Malajčina, Nemčina, Portugalčina, Poľština, Ruština, Taliančina, Thajčina, Tradičná čínština, Turečtina, Vietnamčina, Zjednodušená čínština, Čeština, Španielčina, Švédčina



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