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See the big picture on your health and fitness journey with the Fitbit app. Find easy ways to get active, sleep better, stress less and eat healthier.

Track the stats you care about across health, fitness and sleep, and change your goals as your routines evolve. Stay motivated with energizing workout content for your body and mind. See how far you’ve come with a glance at your personal goal progress and how you stack up to friends and family. Unlock even more possibilities when you sync up with a wearable device like Fitbit tracker or smartwatch and see how your activity, sleep, nutrition and stress all fit together.

GET MORE ACTIVE: See how small moves add up by using your smartphone to track steps and distance—or pair with a tracker or smartwatch to record your heart rate, Active Zone Minutes, calories burned and more. It’s a fitness planner in your pocket: Use the app as a diary to set goals and track your progress. It can help you stay active during the day, too. Check your hourly activity goal and get reminders to move or take a walk. Plus, that motivation you’ve been looking for is right in the app. Bring the gym home with a curated list of audio and video workouts that you can do at your own pace, right from your living room.* You’ll find sessions for HIIT, cardio, strength, running, biking, yoga and more.

TRACK YOUR HEART HEALTH: Understand your overall health by using your watch or tracker to keep tabs on your heart rate 24/7. Monitor your heart rhythm and see your resting heart rate trends, plus time spent in heart rate zones during workouts.

SLEEP BETTER: Find sleep tools to help you learn about your sleep quality and improve it—from measuring your sleep duration and sleep stages to understanding your restless time. Set reminders for bedtime and wake-up time to keep your sleeping schedule managed.

STRESS LESS: Listen to audio sessions to lessen stress and improve your mood. Use mindfulness to start your day a better way, find moments of calm and set intentions with meditation or get help falling asleep with breathing exercises and relaxing sounds.*

EAT SMARTER: Keep your diet in check with easy-to-use tools for setting goals. Tracking meals and logging food & water intake lets you see if you’re getting enough protein, fat, fiber and carbs on your way to managing your weight and overall health.

EVEN MORE WITH FITBIT PREMIUM: Upgrade to Fitbit Premium and get all the guidance, insights and inspiration you need to take your workout routine to the next level.

• Your Daily Readiness Score helps you understand when it’s time to go all out and when it’s time for rest & recovery—plus, you’ll get recommended workouts based on your body’s needs.
• Get the support you need across a whole library of workouts to keep your mind and body fit—from strength training, HIIT and cycling to dance cardio, yoga, meditation and more—led by Fitbit’s expert trainers who are ready to coach.
• Perfect your mindfulness practice with a full library of sessions that calm anxiety, prep for sleep and even help you meditate while walking.
• Find new ways to rest & recover with your Sleep Score. Plus, check out your sleep patterns and monthly trends in your Sleep Profile.
• Feed your appetite with access to easy, healthy recipes to help you reach your nutrition goals and bring your wellness full circle.

Terms of Service:

*A Fitbit Premium subscription is required to access the full content library.


Verzia 4.21

* Bug fixes and performance improvements

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4,4 z 5
Hodnotenia: 181

Hodnotenia: 181

sl.niecko ,

Very good app but ...

Very good app … the only issue I have with it is that while swimming it seems to be showing funny results :)

Adusa ,

Not bad till Oct 2023 version

The app is ok, quite useful for keeping overview on day to day activity/inactivity, sleep. I bought it for my 80 years old parents as well, to check their oxygen saturation, but it is too small on the watch and hard to find for them. I was ok with the app, but the last update upset me. Before the overview was compact on the screen, colorfurly sorted. Now it is looking like built for small ancient nokia monochrome screen. So on iphone 14 plus I gave feeling I opened anti-stress colouring book and take ages scrolling to find a particular info. So this happens when a decent brand is swallowed by multi-giant like Google.

allively ,

Great app

They constantly seek to improve and communicate for users. It’s an intuitive app that does a lot in an easier, more affordable way. It’s far better than other health or weight loss apps. (Noom/Apple fitness) … assuming you have some foundation idea of how to lose weight at least. Been on it for years, always come back. Worth paying for premium for the classes/meditations

Ochrana súkromia v apkách

Google uvádza, že zásady ochrany súkromia v aplikácii môžu zahŕňať narábanie s údajmi spôsobom popísaným nižšie.Viac sa dozviete v pravidlách ochrany súkromia vývojára.

Údaje, ktoré sú s vami prepojené

Môžu sa zhromažďovať nasledujúce údaje, ktoré sú prepojené s vašou identitou:

  • Zdravie a kondícia
  • Nákupy
  • Poloha
  • Kontaktné informácie
  • Používateľ­ský obsah
  • Identifikátory
  • Údaje o používaní
  • Dôverné údaje
  • Diagnostika
  • Ďalšie údaje

Údaje, ktoré s vami nie sú prepojené

Môžu sa zhromažďovať nasledujúce údaje, ktoré však nebudú prepojené s vašou identitou:

  • Kontakty
  • Diagnostika

Postupy ochrany osobných údajov sa môžu líšiť, napríklad v závislosti od používaných funkcií alebo vášho veku. Ďalšie informácie

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