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KELTA cryptocurrency wallet app and platform to create your new source of long-term passive income thanks to blockchain technology in a simple and risk-free way.
Based on many years of experience, we have created a comprehensive closed ecosystem that will show you how to grasp the virtual crypto world and put it into practice.

Store your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether or use the integrated mining tools.
KELTA with over 10 000 clients worldwide has computers in its data center and you power these computers through your KELTA Wallet application. It means that the application in your mobile phone or in your computer serves as a remote control to the data center. In it you set up your crypto operations and create a regular profit from them.

Here is some more information, what we offer:
Transfer your cryptocurrencies and buy KLT tokens easily. The KLT token is a ERC20 standard utility token emitted on the Ethereum blockchain network and represents access to 1 watt of the data center’s capacity. Ownership of one token gives you unlimited access to one watt of the computing power you use for cryptographic operation.

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC) and Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), EOS, Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), TRON (TRX), Stellar (XLM) coming soon.
Payout is a revenue from the use of computing power and represents your passive income. Its amount depends on the number of KLT tokens you own and use, your activity, the use of cost reduction tools or the use of Blueprint service, which enables you to copy signals of successful users and increase your income. You can withdraw your payouts anytime and use them in everyday life.
You can use various modules and tools of the application to reduce your weekly costs and to increase your crypto income even more.
We created our own educational program for KELTA users that provides all information about what KELTA is, how it works, how to work with the application and how to use the available tools to achieve and maximize passive income. Our courses serve as a support tool for you to get all the information and practical skills needed to work in our ecosystem. Visit to learn more.
Your account is subject to the safety standards, including two-step verification, passwords and additional verification via SMS and e-mail codes. We are also preparing a new insurance module to give you our guarantee and protection of your funds.

Visit for more information and to contact our KELTA support


Verzia 3.1.1

1. Possibility to buy USDT with a credit/debit card or a bank transfer.
2. Free video consultations for new users.
3. Update of the General Business Terms and Conditions.
4. Bugs fix.

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3,9 z 5
Hodnotenia: 182

Hodnotenia: 182

Kryptoking777 ,

Best minning platform

The best crypto earning platform of all time! KELTA app changed my life. It is safe, easy to use and very inovative. Payouts are available every Monday on my KELTA wallet and I can either reinvest my Ethereum and my MINING POWER will increase, or I can withdraw my ETH to another wallet, for example Coinbase and even earn more profit by trading. I am a user of Kelta for more than 16 months, but will be here for many more years to come, because there is no other business opportunity, where I could earn crypto as easy and fast as with KELTA! Thank you for this opportunity.

oumén ,

Long story short

In my beginig in june 2020 everything looked cool I was really happy that I made a good investment and started earning passively.. After few updates and increased value of ETH by that time, true face of this “company” revaled. They stole most of invested eth from all customers. For example I invested 9 eth. By that time it costed around 200€ per 1 eth.
Now value of my “portfolio” is around 4000€ but eth raised its value more than 10 times. And the best part of all this, I can’t even withdraw invested money for unknown reason. I wrote about 10 mails to support and to every contact which I had from that company and guess what. No respond at all. They even send E-mail in may 2021 that there will be phone number to support but I could not reach it anytime. Honestly I lost hope to ever see my money again. If someone from this company is reading this please reach me out.

Zuzana Imriskova ,

Best APP for pasive income

Kelta is simply the best app for earning passive income without doing any hard work. You just buy Kelta tokens via USDT and simply let them do their job. No any business or bank institution will make that much money as Kelta does! You can use many tools in the app to get discounts from maintenance costs and have an educated Leader to set up your mining. For me, this is really the best form of earning crypto! Thank you Kelta.

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