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- TapHome is the only smart home system in which you can do adjustments on your own.
- TapHome is open - it integrates all devices in your home. We did integration so that you don’t have to.
- TapHome fits into your standard budget for thermostats or for blinds control.

Building your house using smart home technology makes it future proof. It is a must for a modern home and it gives you limitless options for control.

Smart Rules are automation actions or scenarios. You can easily adjust them. No need for you to call a service person who would change system scripts. Welcome to freedom!

Featured Smart Rules:
- Countdown timer with delays
- Protect blinds from strong wind
- Blinds go down when sun intensity exceeds specified level
- Alarm with PIN codes and phases
- Presence simulation with lights and blinds
- Light scene and light scene sequencer
- Perform actions when button is pushed, switch changes its state
- Weekly schedules for thermostats, blinds, switches, actions
- Turn on the light on motion, if brightness is less than a defined value
- Sunset / sunrise events
- Actions to be performed when result of a formula is true

A device can be managed manually by the user, automatically via Smart Rules, or in combination.

When manual change is made on a device with active Smart Rules, there are following options:
- Keep manual mode for a limited time (1m - 12h)
- Keep manual mode until next automatic change
- Keep manual mode until user changes it back to automatic
- Do not allow manual mode


TapHome Team


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Hodnotenia: 7

Scallpulla ,

Smart and easy-to-use

What a way to control the temperature in each room of your home as well as blinds on each and every window. You name it. The thing that surprised me and made me happy the most - you can put an away-from-home mode and the blinds would roll as you wish, you start the heating a day before you arrive. Not to mention the easy way to handle the app. It is pretty intuitive there ´s no need for a manual.

Last but not least - I would nothing but recommend this app/system to everyone.

Way to go guys!

Eva, Slovakia

kajowart ,

What is this?

please revert the app to previous version because dashboard is completely useless now on mobile. I had the sections by rooms and now I need to scroll always a lot because it is not possible to “close” the section, if you have many controls in each room it is very boring. And regarding new design or partly new... because it is mixed with the previous. It looks like you lost the designer and it has been “designed” by developers

Vývojárska odpoveď ,

Thank you very much for your feedback. Your dashboard has been deleted due to new feature where all dashboards are saved inside Core unit and not your phone. Now you you are able to see your own dashboards from any smartphone you are using.
You can still have exactly the same dashboard as you were used to. Our technical support can even create it for you, just send us an email to:
Redesigns of detailed widgets are on its way. We can send you pictures of drafts to your email to see if you like them. Your feedback will be much appreciated.

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TapHome uvádza, že zásady ochrany súkromia v aplikácii môžu zahŕňať narábanie s údajmi spôsobom popísaným nižšie.Viac sa dozviete v pravidlách ochrany súkromia vývojára.

Údaje, ktoré s vami nie sú prepojené

Môžu sa zhromažďovať nasledujúce údaje, ktoré však nebudú prepojené s vašou identitou:

  • Kontaktné informácie
  • Identifikátory
  • Diagnostika

Postupy ochrany osobných údajov sa môžu líšiť, napríklad v závislosti od používaných funkcií alebo vášho veku. Ďalšie informácie


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