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Put your team-building skills to the test in Teamfight Tactics, the ultimate PvP strategy game from the studio behind League of Legends.

Assemble an unstoppable army from a shared pool of champions, then battle it out round by round to become the last player standing. With endless team combinations and an ever-evolving metagame, any strategy goes—but only one can win. Which will you choose?

The future's looking bright in the new mid-set update, Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes. With the Black Mist mitigated, it’s time to seize the day and set forth on an all new adventure. Gather your party, grab your gear, and get ready to fight the good fight as you keep darkness at bay with a host of new heroes by your side.

Outsmart and outlast your opponents by recruiting a top-notch team ready to fight in your honor. Random drafts and in-game events mean no two matches play out exactly the same, so use your creativity and cunning to turn the tides in your favor.

Challenge your friends and destroy your foes across PC, Mac, and mobile. Queue up together and find out if you and your friends have what it takes to become the top tactician.

Full competitive support and matchmaking means there are countless ways to outplay your opponents. From Iron to Challenger, climb the ladder based on your final standing in every game. Keep climbing for exclusive Ranked rewards at the end of every set!

Make every match your own with personalized arenas, booms, emotes, and Little Legends. Collect new looks just by playing games, or by purchasing them in the TFT store.

Collect free loot with the all-new Reckoning II Pass, or upgrade to Pass+ to unlock exclusive rewards with every set!

It’s time to flex your big-brain strats and take your place at the top. Download and play Teamfight Tactics today!

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TFT supports: iPhone 6S, SE, 7, 8, X, 11

TFT works, but is not optimized for: iPad, iPad air, iPad, mini

TFT Does Not Support: iPhone 6, 5, 4, 3, iPod Touch


Verzia 11.15.3875736

The Dawn of Heroes has begun! Patch 11.15 brings a new quest, and a bright future in the mid-set update, starring new champions, mechanics, traits, and more! Complete patch notes on our website.

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4,0 z 5
Hodnotenia: 90

Hodnotenia: 90

obino1508 ,


I love the game, I love the frequent updates and changes you guys make every season. On the other hand we have the biggest downside and that is instability of the app on my phone (iphone 7). The game crashes every now and then, like 1-2 times per game and that might be gamechanging in competitive matches. I hope you will solve these problems in due time, until then I cannot rate you with more than 4 stars.

icyzigh ,

Quit the application

Rly good game like it. But sometimes without reason in the middle of the ranked match the app close automaticly, that happen sometimes 2-3 times per one match. Especialy is roy bad when u picking a champion with item. Please fix it

mrjmgravity ,


Great game. I started played when tie game was released on PC but its shame theres not compatiable on iPad

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Vývojár Riot Games uviedol, že postupy ochrany osobných údajov aplikácie môžu zahŕňať zaobchádzanie s údajmi tak, ako je popísané nižšie. Viac sa dozviete v pravidlách ochrany súkromia vývojára.

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  • Diagnostika
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Údaje, ktoré s vami nie sú prepojené

Môžu sa zhromažďovať nasledujúce údaje, ktoré však nebudú prepojené s vašou identitou:

  • Údaje o používaní

Postupy ochrany osobných údajov sa môžu líšiť, napríklad v závislosti od používaných funkcií alebo vášho veku. Ďalšie informácie


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