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The Zepp App, formerly known as Amazfit, is the new official app for Zepp and Amazfit branded devices. With an improved user experience and more health-monitoring features, the Zepp App has been transformed into an advanced digital platform for overall well-being. Zepp's leading data-analysis capabilities and AI algorithmic system provides comprehensive health and fitness statistic and insight.

By building a professional management platform for your personal health data, Zepp aims to bringing its digital health management solution to our customers around the globe.

Useful in all scenarios of everyday life, Zepp will turn your device into a portable health monitor through the app’s advanced data analytics and AI algorithms. Not only will Zepp record your daily exercise routines and give you a quick rundown of any change in your physical condition, it will also perform AI-based, comprehensive and real-time analysis on your physiological parameters. The app is therefore able to capture any early warning signs and provide professional guidance, giving you a deeper understanding of your health.

Zepp believes that a happy life is possible for everyone if we bring technology in the management of our health. As indicated in our motto “With you every moment”, Zepp will accompany you all the way in the seeking of this happy life.

The main features of Zepp include:

Health data display: Zepp records data relevant to your physical condition such as steps taken, sleep hours, heart rate, calories burned, ECG, and SpO2, while also provides you with professional interpretations over these data;
Exercise data analysis: Zepp is also able to record while you exercise, and will display various data, including a detailed route and various exercise data analysis afterwards;
Smart device management assistant: Zepp can be used to manage the settings for Zepp and Amazfit smart devices, such as notification management, watch face replacement, widget sorting and others.
If you have any comments or suggestions on Zepp, please submit your feedback in the app. We read each feedback carefully and will communicate with you sincerely.

**This App version support that use Apple Healthkit within app**

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Verzia 5.13.1

-Optimizes the color display of the sleep breathing quality texts
-Optimizes data loading when the annual workout history view appears (only for iOS)
-Optimizes swipe interaction of stress diagrams

Hodnotenia a recenzie

4.3 z 5
Hodnotenia: 1.9 tis.

Hodnotenia: 1.9 tis.

PaloSr ,

Sync problems

Big problems with synchronisation. Not stable. Missing data in iPhone

kp13t ,

Workout opening

After last update workout opening is slow eventually crash and workout is not possible to view. Also was reduced amount of data on workout screen in comparison to watch and previous version. Synchronization is also slower. Updated to version 3.4.5 more data about activities? No data, it synchronized only steps, cycling activity couldn’t synchronize. Positive, data were transferred to Strava. If it have to be the only function of this app, then please inform about it. Please, fire out all your programmers and testers and go back to version before summer. It was working without any problems with better user interface.

Beemkey ,

Notifications error

Guys, since amazfit app changed into this Zepp there’s so much bugs.

Notification doesn’t pop up. Not even for a call on my T-Rex watches for several days. Had them reboot and set up notifications again but it didn’t help.

Synchronization of weather doesn’t always work. Every day I have to synchronize them to get weather shown on watches.

Ochrana súkromia v apkách

Vývojár Huami Inc. uviedol, že postupy ochrany osobných údajov aplikácie môžu zahŕňať zaobchádzanie s údajmi tak, ako je popísané nižšie. Viac sa dozviete v pravidlách ochrany súkromia vývojára.

Údaje, ktoré sú s vami prepojené

Môžu sa zhromažďovať nasledujúce údaje, ktoré sú prepojené s vašou identitou:

  • Zdravie a kondícia
  • Poloha
  • Používateľ­ský obsah
  • Identifikátory
  • Údaje o používaní

Údaje, ktoré s vami nie sú prepojené

Môžu sa zhromažďovať nasledujúce údaje, ktoré však nebudú prepojené s vašou identitou:

  • Používateľ­ský obsah
  • Diagnostika

Postupy ochrany osobných údajov sa môžu líšiť, napríklad v závislosti od používaných funkcií alebo vášho veku. Ďalšie informácie


  • Rodinné zdieľanie

    Ak povolíte Rodinné zdieľanie, túto aplikáciu bude môcť používať až šesť členov rodiny.

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