Hey, Spider-Man!

Be the web-swinging superhero in these irresistible games.

The world’s a playground for a hero like Spider-Man. When he’s not crawling up buildings or swinging through the city, he’s thwipping and quipping as he saves the day.

Now you can too – without the whole being bitten by a radioactive arachnid part. Read on to check out some of our Spidey favourites...

Matchups like Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin let Champions fans relive famous comic-book brawls.

Spidey the slugger

In Marvel Contest of Champions, heroes and villains clash in one-on-one duels – and Spider-Man is no slouch. 

The agile powerhouse comes in four lightning-fast flavours: classic and Symbiote versions that share the same pulverising uppercut-and-web-blast combo, a Stark Enhanced variant sporting Peter Parker’s suit from Spider-Man: Homecoming and a Miles Morales Spidey that freezes foes with a bioelectric shock before delivering a devastating flip kick.

Champions’ already-massive roster – which includes iconic Spider-Man foes like Doc Ock, Electro and Venom – got new brawlers for the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home: the illusionist Mysterio and a stealth version of our wall-crawling hero.

    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Super Hero Fighting Game

Strike Force tip: Don’t pit two mercenary minions against Mysterio, Spider-Man and Nick Fury.

Spidey the friend

Using Spider-Man in the turn-based battler Marvel Strike Force can make your superteam unstoppable. His Spider-Sense helps him dodge incoming attacks – and he can pounce on multiple foes in a single turn to soften them up for his squadmates. What a gent!

Strike Force has also gained three villains: Rhino, Shocker and Vulture – plus the enigmatic Mysterio. The four form a group with synergising abilities – perfect for dominating single-player arena matches or multiplayer Alliance Wars.

    MARVEL Strike Force

    MARVEL Heroes & Villains Await

Future Fight even includes Spidey’s armour from Avengers: Infinity War – and those extra legs deal major damage.

Spidey the everything

Marvel Future Fight digs deep into Spider-Man lore. The enormous action-role-playing game features movie and comic book Spidey variants, and even new iterations like the giant-headed SPIDOC.

Longtime fans will go gaga over the Spidey’s Rogues Gallery missions and new characters like Hydro-Man, Molten Man and Electro – plus the awesome suit from Spider-Man 2099, a beloved mainstay of ‘90s comics.

    MARVEL Future Fight

    Assemble your team of Heroes

Our hero’s at his cutest in the Game Stickers pack.

Spidey the comedian

Put some KAPOW! in your texts with the Spider-Man Game Stickers pack. It has everything from an angry Scorpion to a lovestruck Mary Jane – and dozens of lovable Spidey emoji to boot. As M.J. would say, you just hit the jackpot!

    Spider-Man Game Stickers

    Marvel Stickers