Call of Duty goes mobile

How Activision put the console king in the palm of your hand.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Battle Royale, Sniper, 5v5


The white-knuckle action of Call of Duty has thrilled millions of console players. Now, after 16 years, it’s going mobile.

Skeptical? So were we. Until we played it.

“The unadulterated experience – the true Call of Duty – that was the aim for this game,” says Matt Lewis, general manager at Activision, the game’s developer. “It pulls from all of our classic games and franchises, including famous maps and modes from Modern Warfare and Black Ops. It really is a ‘best of’ Call of Duty.

Fans of the popular console games – which earn more in their first 24 hours of release than most Hollywood films make in a year – will feel right at home. Customisable loadouts. 5v5. Scorestreaks. Battle royale. Honouring its storied past while pushing the franchise into the future, Call of Duty: Mobile is the real deal.

Welcome back to Nuketown, recruit! Call of Duty: Mobile features the franchise’s most beloved maps.

Made for mobile

More than two years in the making, the game pushes the limits of mobile hardware with sharply detailed environments and blazingly fast action. “We utilized Apple’s advanced Metal API to achieve console-like aesthetics and keep pace with smooth frame rates,” says senior director of production Jeremiah Maza.

Nailing the frenetic pace that defines a Call of Duty match meant experimenting with hundreds of variables: movement velocity, rotational speed and how players navigate uneven terrain, says Lewis.

Never played a first-person game before? Multiple control schemes offer incredible flexibility and customisation. Tweak sensitivity settings and button layouts until you find the perfect fit.

Well-known levels like Hijacked – set on a super-yacht – have been recreated in all their glory.

A level playing field

The game also scales beautifully. On iPhone 11, Call of Duty: Mobile takes full advantage of the A13 Bionic chip, using a customised colour-grading algorithm to deliver richer colours and deeper contrast. But the game also performs on earlier models.

“We have a lot of tech in the background to ensure that assets render in high fidelity if your phone and connection allow it – and to ensure solid frame rates on an older device,” says Lewis.

Showcase your skills in intense player-versus-player matches. 

Heated competition

Call of Duty: Mobile’s graphics spring to life in the game’s calling card: 5v5 multiplayer, which pits teams in skill-based matches set on the franchise’s most famous maps. Newcomers can play casually, while veterans can earn rewards in Ranked mode’s eight week-long seasons, complete with tournaments and official esports leagues. 

And Call of Duty: Mobile goes even bigger. Players of all skill levels can head into Battle Royale mode, which pits 100 players in a massive, last-person-standing playground in your favourite Call of Duty locations. Hoof it on foot, or commandeer ATVs, helicopters, SUVs and tactical rafts to cross a colossal map.

Surviving Battle Royale mode will take skill – and probably one of these all-terrain vehicles.

Future shock

That’s just the start. Expect a constant stream of new modes, maps, and fan-favourite features from other Call of Duty games – including a famous cooperative mode starring hordes of not-quite-living enemies.

There’s certainly no shortage of reference material, says Lewis. “We’ve been doing this for almost 20 years. That’s an incredible advantage.”

This game contains realistic violence and may not be suitable for children under the age of 17.

    Call of Duty®: Mobile

    Battle Royale, Sniper, 5v5