The Art of the Impossible

Inside the extraordinary world of Monument Valley 2.

Monument Valley 2

A story of beauty and illusion


Theres a moment in the third stage of Monument Valley 2 when a landslide separates mother from child. To get her little one back, mom must navigate through an intricate, artfully crafted puzzle that constantly transforms.

Though the solution is simple, their eventual reunion—a tender embrace in front of one of the game’s signature M.C. Escher–inspired landscapes—is surprisingly moving.

Monument Valley 2 offers more beautiful perspective puzzles.

Small, intimate scenes like these deliver what so many people all over the globe loved about its predecessor, Monument Valley: an enchanting, get-lost-in-it mobile game with a genuinely human story.

The theme—that of a mom preparing her child for the world—is not only that wonderful journey every parent can relate to, it's also the key gameplay innovation in this successor to the Apple Design Award winner.

Light will grow trees and create new pathways.

You often have to control both characters to advance past platforms that twist and rotate in different directions, creating clever new perspectives.

We want to change people's perceptions of what games can be.

—Dan Gray, Ustwo Games studio head

There’s a new set of minimalist designs, stunning use of light and color, and a beautiful soundtrack. “Every level needs to play like an instrument,” says Gray.

The sequel features an emotional storyline about a mother's love.

After more than a year of development and even a period when the game-makers wondered if they could ever surpass the original’s creativity, Ustwo has advanced our sense of awe with a puzzler for the head and the heart.

Be ready to fall in love again…only on the App Store.

    Monument Valley 2

    A story of beauty and illusion