Your Back-To-School Survival Guide

The A-B-C of getting As, not Cs.

Summer break has been blissful, but it's time to return to the daily grind of classes, homework and exam timetables. It's not all dorm and gloom though. What better excuse to explore this host of exciting and, most importantly, great educational apps?


Organization. That’s the key to tackling your mounting school load, and Wunderlist is the way to stay organized. Rather than creating reams of meaningless notes, it lets you dive into your to-do list, adding due dates, reminder alarms and, if necessary, sync with others if you need to collaborate on a task. So, unless you’ve got a particularly hungry dog, there’s no excuse not to submit your homework on time again.

    Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks



Memorado Brain Training

Learning doesn't have to be boring. We all remember that one teacher who truly inspired us by making learning fun, and Memorado is that, in app form. The app is filled with mini-games designed to tax your grey matter. Play it at lunch or on the bus ride home and you’ll stand a better chance of retaining all that information thrown at you during the day. You’re learning, but it won’t feel like it.

    Memorado - Brain Games

    Sharp Brain, Calm Mind


Class Timetable

Day one of a new school term, you’ll be given a printout with your class timetable for the next six weeks. That piece of paper will last, on average, about 52 minutes before it's torn, lost or consigned to a soon-forgotten jacket pocket. Class Timetable lets you create a digital copy. Just input your lesson plan, assign colours to certain subjects and never again be left wandering the halls, confused as to whether you should be in Math or Science.

    Class Timetable

    School and college schedule



We all think in different ways. For some, it’s easier to vocalize our inner workings; for others, visualization can help develop an idea. That’s where Thoughts comes in. A doodling app on overdrive, it gives you an infinite canvas on which to make notes, drop mind maps and dump your doodles. There are no limits to what you can create, and with instant share and print options, you’ll be able to spread the learning love too.

We’ll stop acting like your parent now. Go. Enjoy school.

Just don’t forget your lunch box!