Stitch Screenshots the Easy Way

Tap to learn how to save long web pages and chat threads.

Ever wanted to take a screenshot of a long web page, chat thread, or list that extends past one screen? You’ve probably had to capture a series of images that chop up the page. Not ideal.

Tailor takes those multiple screenshots and stitches them together to create one seamless image. Because the app detects the sections of each screenshot that overlap with the next and trims as needed, all you have to do is ensure there’s enough overlap among each shot for Tailor to work its magic.

Here’s a three-step guide to using Tailor. (Yes, it really is that easy.)

    Tailor - Screenshot Stitching

    Automatic Screenshot Stitching

Capture the length of the page you want to save by taking a series of screenshots. As you scroll for each image, make sure about a quarter of the screen overlaps with the previous one. Don’t worry if you’re not exact. Tailor will figure it out.
Launch Tailor and give it permission to access your photos. The app will automatically find any sequential screenshots and stitch them together in seconds. Tap the share button that appears or swipe right to see other screenshots Tailor has found.
You can send the final image by email, text, or other app, or save it to Files. Tailor is free to use. An in-app purchase removes ads as well as the subtle watermark that appears at the bottom of your stitched screenshot.

Now that you’ve got the right tool for the job, all that’s left to do is make sure you’re ready for all your friends to ask, “How’d you do that?”