Create the Perfect iPhone Wallpaper

Craft pixel-perfect backgrounds for your iPhone or iPad.

There’s an art to creating the perfect wallpaper. The image you use can’t be too bright or too dark, and shouldn’t be so busy that it renders the text on your home screen illegible. Whether you want to use one of your own photos or are looking for something ready-made, these apps can help you craft a more beautiful background.

For creating your own

If you use a photo as your wallpaper, it can sometimes make app names or status bar info hard to read. The solution: Clarity’s mask and blur options, which apply a subtle effect that makes icons and app names pop.

Pro tip: Use the original photo for your lock screen wallpaper, and create a blurred version for your home screen.

Prefer a wallpaper that’s not as busy as a photo—but also not boring? Use Clarity to create a color gradient. Choose from the app’s vast library of premade offerings or make a custom one by blending your favorite colors.

Clarity has beautiful gradients in every color imaginable. They give backgrounds a bit more pizzazz than a solid color.

    Clarity Wallpaper

    Daily Wallpapers & Editors


For finding the perfect pic

If you want a wide array of images to choose from, Background should be your go-to. The app is powered by Unsplash, one of the largest photographer communities worldwide. Swipe through images, and when you find the perfect one, tap and hold to save.

    Background – beautiful photos

    High Quality Backgrounds


Vellum is another artist-powered community that offers several collections to browse, as well as a new wallpaper each day. Like Clarity, this app lets you preview each wallpaper as a lock screen and a home screen before you download it.

    Vellum Wallpapers

    HD Backgrounds for Lockscreens


All that’s left is to do is apply your new wallpaper. In the Photos app, select your photo, then tap the share button and choose Use as Wallpaper.