These Puzzles Get Pretty Wild

Tips for finding answers in this imaginative indie adventure.

Rusty Lake Paradise


To solve one of the puzzles in Rusty Lake Paradise, you have to give a guy a belt to stop him from spitting out a live frog into his pants.

So yeah, this adventure game is weird—but intriguingly so. It’s a Lynchian cocktail that blends bizarre and sometimes haunting imagery, an eerie soundtrack, and the unshakable sense that you’re on the verge of cracking open a vital mystery.

Rusty Lake Paradise goes to some strange places.

With no time limit, you’re free to explore the game and fit together its puzzle pieces at your own pace. That said, figuring out the way forward can be tough. Just remember there’s a peculiar logic in all the absurd collisions of cause and consequence. Here are some tips to help you through.

Explore and experiment with every available item.

Explore every area

Keep an eye out for the arrows that appear on the sides of the screen; they’ll show you if there’s somewhere new to go.

Tap on everything

If someone is holding a cup, tap on it. Sometimes this will reveal more information and animations, which often hint at what you should be looking for or doing.

You never know what you might find.

Experiment with items

All the trinkets and tools you collect have a purpose. If you still possess something—even something you’ve already used—there’s probably a good reason.

Retrace your steps

Maybe you forgot something earlier in a level that can be used in a new way—don’t be afraid to go back and check. And if you need to remember a pattern or some other information, write it down.

If you’re stuck... really, truly, hopelessly stuck, consult the official walkthroughs. A link in the game’s menu takes you to the developer’s website, where you’ll find several for Rusty Lake and Cube Escape games.